What's on This Week?
Monday: Athletics

Wednesday: Buddies
Thursday: Kiwi Can
Home Learning Due
books due

Room: 6       Years: 4 & 5       Teacher: Miss Wynen
 Birthdays for November
2 Templar
18 Levi
27 Joseph

Students of the week
Week 1: Riley Procter & George Bransgrove


Term 4 2017
We taught our new Kiwi Can leader, Kayla, how to play toilet tag.   This term at Kiwi Can we are learning about Resilience.

Term 3 2017
The Year 5's had a great time at Orana Park.  There are more photos in our Media Gallery.

We had a fantastic time on our skating trip!

This week we had went with our Room 4 buddies to see the Senior Science Fair.  It was exciting to see the different experiments they had worked on.  We also had our Mathletics.  Ashtin was in the winning team.  On Friday we got to do Discovery with our buddy classes.
We really enjoy Wednesdays when we get to see our buddies. This week we taught them how to pay S.P.U.D

We have been busy this term learning about how to Keep Ourselves Safe in different situations with Constable Maire Froud.  Some of us went to the school disco and showed off our fantastic dance moves, we had a great time.  We are sad that our Friday Arts is finishing next week because we have enjoyed learning how to do things that we have not tried before.
 Last week we played The Wind and Jamaican Jack at assembly.  You can watch the videos on the Seesaw app.  We had been practising hard for this and think we played very well.  Thank you Mr Hogan for teaching us how to play the recorder.  We also share some of the bridges that we made last term.  We explained how we made them and how tricky they were to make.
Term 2 2017
Week 5
Our cross country practising really helped us this week.  We were all fit enough to run around the track.  Well done to Kash (1st Year 4 Boy), George (2nd Year 4 Boy) and Zoe (3rd Year 4 Girl) and congratulations to Dakota for getting into the South Canterbury Cross Country.
This week we also had a chip free day.  It was great to see so many children putting optional healthy choices in their lunchboxes.

Week 4
We have been practising hard for our cross country next week.  We are looking forward to the run and can't wait to see how well we do.
Week 3
On Tuesday we all made sure we were clean and tidy for our school photos.  On Thursday we were visited by Strike Percussion.  They are an amazing group of drummers.  Zayden was lucky enough to get to play the wooden drums.
Week 2
We have started practising for the Cross Country which is on the first of June.  On Friday the Home and School hosted a disco for us in the school hall. 

We have had an exciting start to the term.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we visited the Life Education caravan.  We learnt about the circulatory system and travelled by 'train' to visit the different parts of the body to find out what they do.
On Friday the Year 4 students were presented with their dictionaries donated by the Rotary Club.

Term 1     2017
We were excited to get our Duffy books on Wednesday.
Weeks 6, 7 & 8
It has been a very busy three weeks.  We have been finishing our artworks in preparation for the Art Show in Week 10.  Mrs McFarlane taught about the artist Wassily Kandinsky.  We learnt that he draws feelings instead of pictures of things he sees.  We have started learning about 3D shapes and have made some of our own.  Our school fair was on the 19th March.  The weather was great and lots of people came to buy things and play the games.  We are lucky to have awesome Home and School Committees and teachers from both campuses who organised this event.
We have 3 new students from Thailand who have come to New Zealand to experience life here. Their names are Kubkib, Prim and Thumb.  We are enjoying having them in Room 6.  They are here until the end of term.

Week 5
On Sunday a few of us participated in the Hadlow to Harbour Fun Run/Walk.  It was great and we really enjoyed it.
South School won the
Hadlow to Harbour trophy
for the 3rd year running.

This week we started to make our own Picasso Cubism pictures.  It was a bit trickier than we thought and some of us had to retry a few times before we felt they were just the way we wanted them to be.  We started painting them on Friday and will hopefully finish them next week.
Week 4
This week we had our school triathlon.  Congratulations to our winners.  You will see the list of winners and placegetters in the newsletters tab on our home page.  On Wednesday Mrs McFarlane was teaching in Room 6.  We had an awesome day learning about the famous artist Claude Monet and created our own pieces of art based on his painting of the water lillies that grew at his home.  We shared these at assembly and talked about what we had learnt about him.  We will display these at the art show in the school hall at the end of term.
Week 3
This week we had recorder with Mr Hogan.  Some of the Year 4's were a bit squeaky to start but played much better at the end.  We are looking forward to showing Mr Hogan how much we have improved next week.  Wednesday was a warm sunny day so we got to go to the school picnic that night.  Miss Dunbar's sausages were yummy and Mrs White put hearts on our bread with the tomato sauce!  The water slide was totally cool.  We had mufti day on Friday for Relay for Life.  Some of us wore purple and got our photo taken for the paper.  The teachers also made muffins and they were delicious!
Week 2
This week we taught our buddies how to play Mr Hogan's tag game and also played toilet tag with them.  Next week we are going to teach them how to play 'Explode'.  The weather was too cold for the school picnic so we are looking forward to it being next week instead.  Sometimes we play silent bird with Miss Wynen's angry birds and we use them for our outside games too. 
 Ollie about to catch an easy throw from Tristen.                     Zoe uses the hand to face technique to catch Marissa's throw
We are now in the routines for our learning and know what we need to do when Miss Wynen is with a group.

We have had a fantastic start to 2017 in Room 6.  We welcomed Marissa and Ollie to Timaru South School and are excited that they are in our classroom.  We got to make up our own names for our reading groups.  We played some new games outside and are looking forward to teaching them to our junior school buddies.