What's on This Week?

Monday: Recorder
Wednesday: Bike / Run
Thursday: Kiwi Can
Friday: School Assembly
Kiwi Sport Netball
Remember NO HAT, NO PLAY

Room: 6       Years: 4 & 5       Teacher: Miss Wynen
 Birthdays for March
11 Zoe C

 Students of the Week
Week 2
Maria-Moana & Kahu for being Responsible and Respectful and great role models for the new students in Room 6.
Week 4
Cooper for working hard in class and always being Responsible and reliable.
Tyson for sharing his great ideas and his knowledge and understanding of how things work.
Week 6
David for trying hard to finish his books at reading time and being super helpful in class.
Zoe O for managing to keep up with her work even with a broken arm.
 Senior Assembly
Caught Being Good Books

Week 1
Zoe C & Riley - for showing the 4Rs and being great role models for the new students in Room 6.
Week 3
Melody - for showing Resilience.
Hamiora - for being a hard worker and trying his best at everything.
Week 5
Nathan - for working quietly and Respecting others.
Lisita - for always working hard and presenting quality work.
 Kiwi Can King and Queen
Week 2           Nathan & Melody
Week 3               Cooper & Lisita
Week 4             Addie & Ngaraya
Week 5       Zayden & Maddison
Week 6                Zakaia & Zoe C


Term 1
We had bike / scooter safety this week. Lisita learnt that she has to keep her helmet down over her forehead and you have to lean to the left when you turn.  Zoe O learnt that you have to put your arm out when you turn so the cars know you are going to turn.  We also learnt that we have to let the traffic on our right go past first.  It was fun getting to try out our new skills around the track on the top court. 
Next week we are looking forward to doing the bike / run at the scenic.
Week 6
We had our 3 ways interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday.  At assembly Mr Hogan and Miss Dunbar drew out some of the names of people who had not been in the book over the last few weeks.  David was one of the names drawn out.  He got to choose a prize and chose a cool white fidget spinner.  We had our first Kiwi Sport Netball session on Friday afternoon.  We learnt about balance and landing on the balls of our feet so we don't sound like elephants.  We are going to be doing this every Friday afternoon and are looking forward to next weeks session.  We have been enjoying Play Based Learning.

Week 5
On Sunday it was the Hadlow to Harbour.  We had 4 students from Room 6 participate and they all said it was great fun.  We even had some of the parents participate too.  We helped the school to get the trophy for the 4th year in a row for the largest school group to participate.  

Week 4
Due to poor weather we were unable to do our triathlon this week.  We had our first Play Based Learning session and are looking forward to doing it again next week.  We still need to find more 'loose parts' to use for Play Based Learning, if you have anything at home that you think may be useful please bring it to school and put it in Room 7.  Here are some highlights from the students from this week:
We like scootering and jumping off the new ramps.  Riley, Addie, Aroha, Zayden
I like playing on the iPads.  Lincoln
I enjoyed play based learning because we got to do cool stuff.  For some of us it was our first time doing it.  Maria-Moana
I like going to the library on Friday and getting to choose cool new books.  Zoe O
Playing in by band with the rest of the Ninja Kittens.  Melody
Week 3
We made wordles about Respect at Kiwi Can this week.  Zayden 
We also enjoyed playing the games with Shardous and Gemma.  Zoe C
  Miss Wynen set us up on Epic and we got to read some new books.  For some of us it was our first time using Epic and we really like it.  Tyson 
We have recorder with Mr Hogan on Mondays and we got to learn some new songs.  Andre 
I got a handwriting holiday because my handwriting was super neat so I got to play on the iPad.  Lisita
I like spelling because I learn new words to spell.  Ngaraya
Cooper and Lisita are our
Kiwi Can
King and Queen for this week.

Weeks 1 & 2
We have had a great start to 2018.  It is great to be back at school catching up with our friends and making new friends in Room 6.  We had our first buddy session with our Rooms 4 & 1 buddies and enjoyed getting to know them better.  We had our first recorder lesson with Mr Hogan and he said we did a pretty good job since for most of us it was our first time playing the recorder.  The school picnic was a blast and a definite highlight for week 2.  We have been practising our running for the duathlon/triathlon.  We got to choose our Duffy books and are looking forward to getting them later in the term. 
 Nathan and Melody were our Kiwi Can
King and Queen in Week 2.