Teacher : Mrs Johnston-May
Year 5-8 students in P1

Term 1 Week 7
We had to postpone last week's bike ride. We will now have it Thursday of this week.

Please return your Hadlow to Harbour sponsorship form and money to Jacqui in the office

Vacinations are this Monday

Term 1 Week 7


9.15am Year 7 & 8 Vaccinations
Homework Club 3 - 4.30pm
Senior Girls Basketball
8pm Court 1 South Magic v Grantlea Downs

Year 7/8 Ttec
Homework Club 3 - 4.30pm

Touch Practice at lunch time


Breakfast Club
Kiwi Can
Lunch Time Bike Ride

Homework due
NZEI Stop Work Meeting


12 March - Harlem 10 years
31 March - Emma 12 Years

This weeks 4Rs trophy winner is Eva

Term 1 Week 6
Queen Samantha          King Harlem


Term 1 Week 6 2018
Congratulations everyone who took part in the Hadlow to Harbour on Sunday. Marshall, Anika, Eva and Mrs J-May completed the 10km and Lucas, Yazmin, Charlotte and Mrs O did the 3km. We have had a week off running as lots of people still have sore legs after the H2H, including Mrs J-May. At the Prize Giving Timaru South School won the schools trophy for the 4th time in a row for having the greatest percentage of our students involved in the H2H. The senior girls are doing well in their basketball on Monday nights. Unfortunately the weather this week has meant we couldn't have Oamaru stone carving on Tuesday and on Friday we had to postpone our campus bike ride to the river until next week. This week Mrs J-May has been very busy with Parent Interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday after school and evenings. This week both Cooper and Harlem have moved up a spelling level which is great. On Thursday and Friday we have had lots of students away sick, in fact we only had 10 kids in our class on Friday. Tylar and Eva were the presenters at Assembly and some of us shared our art work. Tylar and Cooper were the Students of the Week. Eva won the 4Rs trophy and Ruby got the Duffy Book award. We held it in the Library, which made it a lot easier to view 'The Week That Was' . At the end of assembly we had the draw for all the children who had been behaving and not gotten their name in the book. Harley had his name pulled out for the first time ever.

Term 1 Week 5 2018
This week we had Mrs O'Donnell relieving in our class as Mrs J-May was stuck in Wellington after taking her daughter up to Uni. We did this really fun activity where we had to decide on who we would choose to save in a plane crash. We also played a couple of great energisers. On Tuesday the Year 5&6 kids finally got to start our Oamaru stone carvings while the seniors went to Ttec. Miss Koia from the Timaru campus came to visit. We have continued our running training in preparation for the Hadlow to Harbour this weekend. On Thursday we conducted some experiments to test Isaac Newton's Theories of Motion. We used Mrs J-Mays car and we tested Newtons 2nd Law of Motion: Force = Mass x Acceleration. We tested how much force (muscle strength would be needed to achieve some acceleration and movement of Mrs J-Mays car. It was loads of fun. We were extremely shocked when Eva went first and she was able to pull the car all by herself. We found it was much much harder on the grass than on the smooth concrete court, because the two different surfaces had very different levels of friction and  resistance. On Friday we harvested the corn from the school vege garden and we cooked it up. At lunch time we all got to have a least 2 small pieces of corn. It was delicious. It was also Mrs O'Donnell's birthday and she made everyone in the school an iced muffin, which we also enjoyed.

Term 1 Week 4 2018
The weather was pretty atrocious this week and it meant we couldn't go outside for 3 days. Unfortunately our annual Triathlon was cancelled on Tuesday. But we are still going to keep up our running training as lots of us are doing the Hadlow to Harbour on Sunday 4 March. This week our maths focus has been Decimals. In writing we have been doing quick 5 minute explanations. Most of us have finished our half face pencil portraits and our name monster. We are now working on a side on silhouette picture that illustrate our interests. We started our Topic: Our Physical World. We learned about Sir Isaac Newton and his 3 Theories of Motion. We also learned about the Chinese New Year. Mrs J-May started reading "The Whale Rider" to us. Harley lend Tylar his bike and she learned to ride it without trainer wheels. In Kiwi Can Shardous impressed us with his amazing rapping. Anika and Riley continue to practise their gymnastics skill every day and are getting very flexible. Ruby and Eva hosted our assembly on Friday and the House Captains and Librarians were presented with their badges.

Term 1 Week 3 2018
This was our first full week at school. Mrs J-May had unfortunately planned a week of testing to torture us. We had 4 PAT tests including Reading Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension and Maths, plus a STAR reading test. Mrs O sent her Year 4s to completely their testing as well. On Tuesday the seniors went to Ttec and the Y7s made lip balm. On Wednesday Kate the health nurse came to talk to the Y7 and Y8s about immunisation. At the end of the Day Charlotte gave us all a few heart shaped chocolates for Valentine's day. She is always so generous to others. We ran everyday this week and some of us are getting much fitter. Mrs J-May is trialing this new app called Rain Rain during our Mindful meditation time. We enjoyed Art on Thursday when we got to do this cool art using our names written in loopy writing and we had to reflect it and eventually it ended up looking like an alien. On Friday our class and P4 went to the library for buddy reading. We enjoy this time with out buddies.
Term 1 Week 2 2018
This week was another short week as we had Waitangi on the Tuesday. We are in full swing with our running training and even Mrs J-May is out running with us everyday. Most of us can run at least 4 laps around the block. Mrs J-May is up to 5 laps non-stop. On Wednesday night we held our annual Pareora Campus Family BBQ/Pool/Games night. The weather was perfect for it and we had a great turn out. The PTA mums finally got the BBQ working well enough to cook our sausages. As per usual we had a swim in the school pool followed by some running races, sack races, egg and spoon races, obstacle course and finally the tug of war. At the end the parents challenged the kids and won (just). On Thursday we started Kiwi Can with Shardous and Gemma. Marshall and Lilly were chosen as King and Queen. After play the seniors presented their speeches for the House Leader Elections and the Student Council Elections. We all agree the standard of speeches was very high. On Friday we started buddy reading with the younger kids in P4. In the afternoon we had a first assembly, hosted by Marshall and Harlem. Mr Hogan came down to announce the winners of the elections, but unfortunately he didn't have the badges to present. Marshall and Tye were voted onto the Student Council, Marshall was also name the Hobson captain, Eva - Rutherford, Yazmin - Marsden and Riley - Seddon. We hope our house captains do a great job.
Term 1 Week 1 2018
We started school on Tuesday 30 January. We have 6 new students in our room. Adelaide and Savanna have returned to Pareora from the Timaru campus. Cooper and Harley have come up from Mrs O's class and we also have two new girls to the school, Ruby Y8 and Lilly Y7.  The weather was pretty hot so we got to go swimming in the school pool. We started some pencil sketch portrait ART of our half faces. The seniors started Ttec on the very first day which was very exciting for the Y7s as it was the first experience. We have also started our running training in preparation for the Hadlow to Harbour in 3 weeks and the school Triathlon. Mrs J-May is also trying to get fit. We played lots of new games and some familiar old games.