Teacher : Mrs Johnston-May
Year 5-8 students

Welcome back to Term 3

We have a new student - Shiloh, who has just started in P1. He comes from Nelson.

Bring back your ski/skate forms.

Kahn will be taking part in the Aoraki Maths Competition on Tuesday night.


Lunch time Gym practise
1.30pm Senior CPR training with Sasha
2.10pm Whaea Kathy
Homework Club 3 - 4.30pm

Before school Gym practice for seniors
Lunch time Gym practice for Y1-6
Year 7/8 Ttec
Homework Club 3 - 4.30pm
7.30pm Kahn in Aoraki Maths Competition

Gym Practice - Before school
Mrs Brown coming to observe our reading programme
1pm Kapa Haka group to perform at Hannan Kindy

Breakfast Club
Gym Practice before school
Kiwi Can
Art Club after school

"The Arts' start up at the Timaru Campus 11-12.30pm



     King Tyson             Queen Mia


Term 3 Week 2
On Monday we had a teacheronly day, while the teachers attended meetings and Professional Development. Gym training is well under way. On Wednesday and Thursday night we had 3 way interviews, which meant long days, followed by busy afternoons and evenings for Mrs J-May. We started our Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) unit. On Thursday afternoon we had our T2 auction, where many of us got to spend our hard earned "cash" on things we wanted to buy as reward for all our hard work in homework, bookwork and classroom behaviour. Some kids walked away with plenty of 'goodies', while others chose to save their money for future auctions. Eva and Yazmin were the winners of T2 Board-behaviour money. Tye won the most overall Behaviour points. Lucas and Tara earned the most money for their T2 homework. On Friday after the Arts, 7 of our girls; Mia, Millie, Tara, Willow, Eva, Riley and Anika, along with some girls from the Timaru campus attended the Girls Rugby Festival. We had our first assembly of the term hosted by Tyson and Kahn.
Term 3 Week 1
Welcome back to a new term. There's plenty coming up this term. This week we have started gymnastics. We hope to enter an A team, a B team and a C team. The seniors have started a new class at Ttec. The Y8s are doing Food Technology and the Y7s are doing electronics. We started producing a cartoon strip to illustrate what we got up to in the holidays. In maths we are learning about co-ordinates. This terms topic is LIVING WORLD. We learned about the different categories of Vertebrates. In Kiwi Can we played games to figure out what our new topic for this term - INTEGRITY. The Y8 students started their Goal Mirrors with Mrs O in Art Club. We also started new ART clubs up at the Timaru campus on Friday.
Term 2 Week 5
This week we have been flat out training for the Cross Country which was suppose to be on Thursday, but was postpone until Friday. Whaea Kathy came to teach Te Reo Maori on Monday and we focused on the colours. In writing we are still working hard on writing our speeches. There are some very interesting topics chosen and we can't wait to hear each others speeches. Last week we started recording video blogs each Friday on Seesaw and this is proving to be challenging but fun. On Friday we had CHIP FREE day. Unfortunately 2 people forgot and Mrs J-May had to put their chips in her drawer till after school. After an early lunch on Friday we headed up to the Botanical Gardens for the Annual Cross Country. Mrs J-May was adamant that our class would once again do very well and she wasn't disappointed. We had 13 people place in the top 6 in their races and lots of top 3 placings. Lydia came 1st in the Y5/6 Girls race, Riley got 2nd and Anika got 3rd. Harlem came 1st in the Y5 Boys race, Noah got 5th and Lucas 6th. In the Senior Girls Y7/8 race Willow came 2nd, Mia 3rd, Amelia 5th and Tara 6th. In the Senior Boys Tyson came 1st, Marshall 3rd and Tye 5th. What a fantastic result P!. Mrs J-May was over come with pride and joy.
Term 2 Week 2
This week has been GREAT! On Monday we finally had our Term 1 auction. Mrs J-May had spent a fortune of things for us to bid on. First we had an auction for the money we had earned completing our homework, then we had a auction for the money we had earned in our book work. Tara and Lydia won a movie pass for earning the most money for Term 1 homework. EVA won a movie ticket for earning the most money for classroom behaviour. We started cross country training and Jump Jam. We finally chose a song and we can't wait for you guys to watch. On Wednesday we went up to to the South campus and watched a NZ Playhouse performance! It was called "Puss In Boots; The pet detective". In my opinion I thought it was an awesome show and they should come back again!!! On Thursday we had Kiwi Can and Kahn and Yasmin were chosen as King and Queen. Mrs J-May did a great job miming skiing. Tara and Mia did assembly today and they did amazing at it! Mia and Millie got the 4 R's trophy and Charlotte got the duffy book award. Good work guys xx It has been a very fun week and I can't wait for next week to come. On Friday Mr Hogan took us for a survey. We also made some great Mothers Day cards.
Term 2 Week 1
The past week has been pretty good. Monday was pretty cruisey. Tuesday the year 7-8's started T-tec! the year 8's are in Bio-technology. They cloned some lavendar and discussed what Bio-Tech is all about. The year 7's are in Mr Sharples class. They did a design for their Wooden rubber band gun!  On Wednesday afternoon we did the beep test. The boys went first. Tyson got first with 11.1. Riley was the top girl. The next day (Thursday) the four year 8 girls went up to Timaru South to talk with the Girls High principal. It was not what we thought it would be like! While they were away the other kids had Kiwi Can. When the year 8 girls got back they went and joined the class. They played Tic Tac Toe! It was a really intense game but in the end the Yellow and Red teams won. On Friday we had Harold for most of the day we had our first slot from 9:50am until 10:40am. In that 50 minutes we discussed about the different parts of the brain and what they do. We also talked to Harold and he told us a few jokes. Then for play lunch Mrs-J-May got Marsden (the winning house this week) lolly cake, pikelets and cheese toasties. When the bell rung we had to line back up and wait for Rudi, our Life Education teacher.
Term 1 Week 10
Last week was awesome especially on Wednesday and Thursday because we had our whole school Art Exhibition in the Timaru South hall. Most families made the effort to come on the Wednesday. Then on the Thursday our whole school traveled up to view the exhibition. Bruce Karton from Karton Brick and Block laying, who donated all our Oamaru stone came to view our work along with 2 other colleagues. He presented us with some new tools to use for our sculpting which was awesome. Thank you Mr Karton. Our class did incredibly well in the exhibition with lots of people winning ribbons for either EXCELLENCE or HIGHLY COMMENDED. In fact some people won several awards. Mrs J-May was thrilled with all our art work as it looked very impressive hanging in the exhibition. In assembly we showed our artwork and we got to take home our ribbons. Mrs J-May is going to hang our art over the weekend. We are getting to the end of our serial book "The Giver" and it's getting quite interesting. We had a geometry progress test earlier in the week.

Term 1 Week 7
The teachers were all a little bit weary after their big weekend walking in the Relay for Life. The Timaru South staff team raised over $2000 for the Cancer Society. These last few weeks have been pretty cool. We have done some lime stone carved hearts for the fair as well as larger carvings for the art exhibition. Art is our main topic for the term and we have focused on Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Kandinsky and now we are looking at Karla Gerard who is an American Folk artist. Mrs J-May has started reading The Giver and we are all enjoying being read to while we draw. The story line also makes for interesting conversation, discussing their strange community compared with our lifestyles. Most people have finished the first of their own choice explanation topics. In Kiwi Can we scored a perfect 40 point and were awarded a "spell". We decided to be rather sneaky and cast a spell on P4 making them go back to the last castle. We hope karma doesn't come back to make us regret our move. All week we have been having Kapa Haka and Jump Jam practice as we are performing this Saturday at the St Stephen's church fair and also on Sunday at our own school fair. We hope the weather is great and we get heaps of people at the fair spending money.
Term 1 Week 4      (written by Tyson & Kahn)
This week has been a major challenge for some, we started off the week with the school triathlon which took place at T.B.H.S. Congratulations  to all those that competed and did so very well. After that the year 7 and 8's went to T-tec. The 7's are making lolly dispensers with Mr. Van and the 8's are making portable speakers in Mr Rainy's class. Every Tuesday while the Yr 7&8's are at T-tech the younger ones do Oamaru stone carvings. Later on in the week we did Kiwi Can. In Kiwi Can we are learning about the values of respect and what we can do to show respect. Today is Friday and the student councilors are organising a fun individual obstacle course for those that are willing to win house points for their house. It has also been a busy week for testing as we have had 3 PAT tests. We are continuing to run around the block so we don't lose our fitness.