Welcome back to an exciting and busy year with lots of fun activities planned.  
The unit focus for the school
is  SCIENCE:  Physical World and a variety of interesting activities are planned.  The first
two weeks we will be focusing on school and
classroom rules, routines, and  expectations

 We will have swimming each afternoon in the
school pool so remember to bring your togs and
name all your clothes as we often have clothing
muddle ups.  Remeber to arrive at school with
your new school stationary.  We will continue
to use last years books until finished and store
the new books at school.   Children will have
a reading book each night to reread and the Year 3 and 4 students will have spelling words.

At the end of the term Lydia gave Grandad
a piece of her artwork for helping us throughout
the year.  Thank you Grandad.  You are the


Remember to bring
a bottle of water 
for the classroom,
your Reading
Folder with all
your homework
in it and a
 healthy lunch
so your brain
is ready to 
a busy day 
of learning and
fun with our


Term 1
What's been happening this week? 
Week 8

We have been learning about Density of objects and floating and sinking.

Density describes how much an object weighs relating to its size.

We tried another experiment this week to
see if we could work out why some heavy
things float and some sink.  We filled six
containers with different things.  Some
floated and one sank to the bottom.  We
didn't know what was in the containers but
some were light and they floated
and some were heavy and they sunk.
We noticed that the water went up
when we put the heavy container in the
fish tank.


Week 7 
We tried a challenge to see if we could make
 some modeling clay float.  You had to make
a boat shape and have very thin walls.  Sophie,
Hayze and Tobyas worked it out first.
Sophie wants to know why boats float.  Our
pirate boat wasn't very good at floating because
it was too heavy at the back so Mrs O had to
hold it.  We put heavy weights on it.
 If you only put things on one side of the
boat it tips or sinks too.
The more weights we put on the boat the
further it went down in the water and
finally, it sank to the bottom of the pool.

Week 6
Week 6
Our little hedgehog died. So we buried it and
Joylyn made a beautiful headstone.
We are still learning about floating and sinking.
When we took the lid off the floating bottle the
air escaped and the bottle filled with water
and sunk to the bottom of the tank.
We are making reflection painting of ourselves.
If you put something on one side you have to
put it exacting in the same place on the other
They are very colourful.  We are not finished yet.

Week 5
We have been learning a lot about floating and
sinking this week.  We carried a really heavy log
over to the school swimming pool and found
out that it floated.  We thought it would sink. We
are not sure why, yet. A T-shirt floated for
a start but then when the water got into the
fabric it slowly sunk to the bottom of the pool.
The skateboard floated for a while and then
when Sophie pushed it, the water got on the
top and it sunk.
This week Mrs O brought a baby hedgehog to
school that wasn't very well because it's
Mother had been killed.  We looked up on
google to see how to look after it.  We gave it
catfood and water and made it a little bed which
it snuggled into at night.  Some of the children
took it home each night.  We kept it alive for
three days, but it died yesterday.  We are going
to bury it in the school garden.  It was very cute.

Week 4
We have been busy painting and printing paper
to make a self-portrait.  Breakfast Club is running
again. Thank you, Jess Hall, for helping us.
We are learning about 'Floating and Sinking' so
this week we tried an experiment to see what 
would happen with different objects when we
put them in water.
We learned that if something has air in it, it will
float.  When we took the lid off the plastic
bottle the air went out and slowly the bottle
filled with water and the bottle sank.
Jenny brought some blackberries in that she
picked from the river.  Some of us hadn't
tried fresh blackberries.  They were yum!

Week 3
We love our Play Pod.  We use all the equipment 
to make lots of interesting things to
play on with our friends.  We learn how to
play nicely with
our friends by using our WITS. 
W  -  walk away
I    -    Ignore   
T   -   Tell an adult.
S  -  Speak  up
Play Pod fun
The weather has been very hot so at
lunchtime we have fun in the pool.
Liam loves swimming and having fun with 
his friends.

Week 2

We do mindful breathing each day after lunch
and learn how to manage our thoughts and 
emotions. Mindfulness helps us understand how
our brain works and how we can manage our
thoughts and emotions to make better choices
in our lives.

Week 1
We have had a busy first week settling back in, revising classroom routines and rules as well as
meeting new class members. Welcome to Hayze, Joshua, Sophie, Kaiden, Lucas, and Alexi to our class
and Mrs O'Donnell who is teaching us on Fridays.  It was a hot week but we are grateful to still have a
school pool especially when the weather is as hot as it was this week.  Thank you, Anthony and Sapphire
for caring for our pool.  We appreciate it.
Term 4
What's been happening this week? 
Week 9
Last week at school.  Yummy Christmas breakfast.
We made a gift for Mrs Smith. She is so special to us.
We put on one side a photo of us so she wouldn't 
forget us.
We also drew pictures of ourselves.
It rained and rained at school on Wednesday.  This
is where we usually have our lunch.
Liddy gave Grandad a piece of her stone work
to thank him for hearing our reading every week.

Week 8
Look at how high our peas have grown.  They are
taller than Mrs O if we stand them up and they
now have lots of flowers
For the last two weeks, we have been traveling by
bus to C-Bay for swimming lessons.  We are
learning lots.
Each group has their own instructor who teaches
us lots about swimming and staying safe in the water
We even got to go in the deep water in life jackets
and learned what to do if we fell in.   It was
heaps of fun.

Week 7
It has been another busy week.  Here we are
learning about comparing  the weight of objects
We also used compared the capacity of containers
by counting with a measuring cup.
We have just about finished our animals.
 This is Ellies cool one.
We have been doing lots of 'Role Plays' about
being and Upstander.

Week 6
Play-Pod fun this week.  A bridge.
Warriors practising their skills.
A funny long jump.
The lookout.

Week 5
Last week we dug over the long jump so that we
can practise for the school athletics sports.
We also had the Play Pod out this week.  Harley 
made this fantastic rocket.
We have been learning about weight and comparing
the weight of objects to a kilogram.

Week 4
We are learning about measuring this week.  We
have been measuring with hands, feet and
centimetre rulers.
Yesterday we were planting lettuces in the garden.
We grew them from seeds.
Abby planted lettuces too.
We tried some of our raddishes.  Most people
didn't like them.

Week 3
Play Based learning is fun.  Robert and Harley are
talking to each other through a pipe.
Charlotte is such a kind person.  On Halloween she
brought along a treat for each of us.
Our garden is growing really well, especially the peas.
We weed and water it at lunchtime.
So are the potatoes.  They will be ready to give to
people for a Xmas treat. 

Week 2
We have had another busy week.  We tried some
Yum!  We made a pavlova.
When we were learning about seeds we took
some seeds and tried to germinate them.
The apple seeds are getting so big now we
had to repot them.
This week we have had the Year 5 children with
us because the seniors are at camp.  In the
afternoons we worked on making some creatures
with fabric and fibre.
Here are all our creatures.  They are very cool.
In Maths we are learning about repeating patterns.

Week 1
We have been working hard this week learning lots
about money.
We played a shopping game and had to give the
correct money for things we bought.
It was great to see how much our vegetable garden
had grown in the holidays. Our peas are growing
so fast we had to put some netting up.
Our potatoes are up and the soil needed to be
mounded up. Our radishes are looking
quite big and we have lots of little carrots through.
We also planted some corn.

Term 3 
What's been happening this week? 
Week 10
                                                  We have a new boy in our class this week Austin.
Week 9 
We went to check on the vegetables we planted
this week and some of the seeds have germinated.
The peas have popped through the ground and so
have the radishes. The potatoes hadn't yet.
Week 8
We had a lovely warm nor-west wind one day this
week so in Play-Based-Learning we made kites and
flew them.
This week we have been writing instructions and
trying to work out how to make waka.  We
had to measure and cut two pieces of flax.
Abby is making hers by herself.  Great measuring
Jade and Harley are working well together.  They
have the two sides tied together but they keep
moving.  How are they going to stop that?

Week 7
We are still learning about seeds.  This week
we tried some seeds that you buy at the 
Supermarket.  They are already germinated.
Some people liked them, other people didn't.
Our daffodil sucked up the dye in the jar and
turned that colour at the tips of the petals.
The dye in this bottle was green.
The pansy that we put in the cupboard is not
looking the same.  The flowers are all falling off
and the plant is going a little bit yellow and its
stems are growing long. It doesn't light not having
the light.
We planted tomato seeds with Grandad two weeks
ago.  He took the seeds out of a tomato that he had
for tea and dried them out by putting them on
some toilet paper and leaving it for a while.  
We cut off the seed on the toliet
paper and planted it.  The seeds germinated.

Week 6
This week Harley and Cooper finished their Moths.
It took such a long time to paint it using earth paints
but we preserved and did it. Well done boys.
This is Cooper's beautiful Moth.
We have been working in the vegetable garden 
putting compost in it and digging it over for planting.
When we looked in the compost bin that we turned
over last year we found huge native worms.
We put them in the vegetable garden.
We tried some experiment this week too.  We 
that plants need warm, water, and light to grow
so we put the pansy in the cupboard to see what
will happen if we take the light away.
We also put some daffodils in different coloured
water to see what will happen to them.

Week 5
We went to the Art Gallery and looked at our 
paintings.  They looked so cool.  We we proud.
We also went to the Museum to learn about
birds.  We looked at their claws and beaks and how
they use these to catch their food.
This week Yazime and Emma came in and taught
us how to use an App to draw with.
It is really cool.  We can draw ourselves and animals
using this App.
We have been germinating lots of seeds this week.
Grandad came in and showed us how to save
seeds and then germinate them in a warm
place.  We put potaotes in a warm cupboard to
The Pareora Works gave us lots of compost for 
our vegetable and flower gardens.  We now have
to shift it to the places that we want.  It is hard
work but fun.

 Week 4
We are learning about seeds and plants at the 
moment so we went outside to see if it is warm 
enough to plant seeds.  We saw bulbs coming up,
buds on the trees and Jackie told us she heard
a frog.  We are going to start germinating seeds
in the classroom and sprouting new potatoes.
Maire our police educator came down and taught us
about keeping ourselves safe when we are away
playing with our friends and what to do when
people touch us in a way we do not like.  
She also talked to us about 
safety plan and what we should do.
Jade also got to try on Maire's police protection
jacket. It is very heavy and must be very hot  
to wear in the Summer.
We have also been trying some Lego challenges.
Here Malachi is measuring his tower.  You had to
build a tower with 20 lego builds and measure it
to see whose was the tallest.

 Week 3 
Here are our stars who won prizes at Artarama.
Abby and Jade won a prize for their Mondrian
puzzle and Harley won a prize for his
Hundertwasser work.
Our school also won the Aigantighe Gallery Prize
for all of the schools work at both Timaru South
and Pareora Campus.  Well done everyone.
Harley and Cooper have finished creating their
paints now.  We also found some really good
bark to paint on.
Look at the beautiful shades of brown that they 
made.  They think they will paint moths.

 Week 2 
There are lots of different things going on in the
classroom this week.  Harley and Cooper are trying
to make paints like the aboriginals did.  They have
collects different coloured soils, now they are 
crushing them and letting them dry.
We are working hard in Maths.  The Junior children
are learning the patterns to ten by using
their fingers, counting jelly beans and writing
number stories.
We  have started the unit on Living World and are
learning about seeds and plants.
We are starting to collect seeds from different fruit.
This week Rowdy brought down some things for
us to use our scooters on.  They are such fun.
Thank you Rowdy.

 Week 1 
Yeah, back to school.  We are trying to finish our
insects for our flower pictures so we can put
some in Artarama.
First we painted one side of the butterfly a bright
colour and closed the butterfly so the paint
went on the other side.  We let it dry
Then we put dots of paints on one side of the
butterfly and closed the butterfly.  The colours
went on theother side to make a beautiful
symmetrical butterfly.
This week we also started our class 'Welling Being
Challenge'.  No one in our class had tried the fruit
tarmarillo.  We all tasted it.  Phergus thought it 
was very sour.

 Term 2 
 What's been happening this week? 
 Week 10 
This week the St Johns came to talk to use about 
what to do if we get hurt.  Cooper took these
Here is Jade being bandaged up.  The ambulance
has arrived to take her to hospital.
They gave us all a first aid kit.
Harley bandaged up Malachi.

Week 9
This week was a special week for us because
Grandad came back to hear us reading.  We
love having Grandad hear us read.
This term the Art Club have been painting our
old shelves. They first had to undercoat them
and fill in all the holes. Then they took out all the old
staples.  It was hard work.
After that they painted them the three primary 
colours.  Resene were so good to us and gave
us help on how to do this and the  beautiful
Look at our beautiful shelves now.
Our classroom looks so cool.
Thank you Resene Colour Shop.

Week 8
This week we went to the Timaru Museum to learn 
about Matariki and how the Maori used the stars for 
different things like planting and travelling from
place to place.  We heard one of  the story of the
Matariki Stars and learnt where to find them in the
sky.  They are only seen early in the morning in
become visible in late June.
Ruth showed us a painting of an early Moari village
that an artist had painted of a settlement of Maori
that lived near the Waskdyke  Lagoon.  
We looked around the museum first.  Tylar and Liam
liked the big merino ram.
Ruth showed us some tools that the early maori
usedto make.  The took a very long time to
get them smooth.  They had to make all their
tools themselves.
We also saw some stone that the Maori had drawn
on. We weren't sure if they were animals or people.
In one of the displays there were tools that had
been found at Pareora because along time ago
there was a Maori village at Pareora.

Week 7
Phergus Humphries
Malachi Boston
Harley Crawford
This week we have been talking about the 
difference between insects and spiders. We
put a ladybird and then a spider on our
Anzac pictures.
Tobyas Keen-Gosney
We know that a spider is not an insect because
a spider has two body parts and eight legs.  An
insect has to have three body parts and six

Week 6
Last Friday we had our Cross Country in at the
Timaru Botanical Gardens.  We all completed 
the course and some of us did very well. Abby
found it hard but she didn't give up.  She is
resilient.  Well done Abby.  Jade
got 2nd in the Year 3 girls.

Week 5
We made a sun.  Here is Liam using a cotton bud to
make the flares that happen on the sun.

Sapphire helped us to put our sun on the black
background.  We are going to put some planets
on to.
This week we have been learning about weights on the
scaled.  We found that heavy things go down and light
things go up.
We have a new library shelf in our classroom that
meanswe can see the fronts of all our books now.  
We also have another mattress for our sofa which
means we can all fit in the library corner.
We tried an experiment by dropping a light thing
and a heavy thing from the top tower.  Both of
them landed at the same time.  We decided to see
what would happen if we tried to drop paint from
different heights.  We
got little drops from the bottom.
We went to the top part and found that the wind
moved the paint and it was difficult to get the paint
onto the board.  Some paint missed all together
and didn't go
straight down.
Week 4
Last Thursday we went into Strike Percussion to watch
their amazing percussion show.  Mrs Smith did lots
of music work with us on Friday.
Last week we also found the moon.  We didn't realise
that the moon can be out in the daytime as well.
We made moons by painting with thickened white
paint and then using circle Maths equipment to make
This week we have been looking at the sun and how 
important it is to us.  We measured our shadows at
different times of the day and our shadows moved.

Week 3
We have just about finished our Anzac poppy paintings
that we started last term when we studied Anzac Day.
When we have looked at insects and how to make 
them we are also going to put some bugs on our
painting like butterflies, bees and ladybugs to make
them more interesting.
We are learning about the moon this week.  We have
been reading about how the moon has craters on
its surface.  We tried an experiment to work out how 
the moons craters are formed.  We learnt they are
formed by meteorites or asteroids crashing into the
moon's surface. 
We used three balls that were the same size but
different weights. Malachi dropped the balls
when he was standing on a chair. The red ball
only made a small circle mark 4.6cm across.  The
cricket ball made a circle 7 cm across.  The heavy
shotput made a 7cm circle mark as well but
disappeared into the sand.

Week 2
This week we traveled into Timaru South  to
view New Zealand PlayHouse.  
They performed 'Puss in Boots'.  There were three
actors and they played many different roles.
They were very funny and had great costumes and
props to perform their play.
It was great when we were able to yell out and
respond to the characters.  

Week 1
We are back to school and back to learning this week.  
Here is Tobyas helping Liam with his reading.
Robert and Malachi had read their book to the 
teacher, now they are practising reading with the
big books.
We love the iPads in our classroom but we only use it
for learning.  Here is Jade practising her basic facts.
Abby is learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives
in her spelling.  She knows were to get charts to help.

                         Term  1                     
What's been happening this week
Week 11
This week we learn about Anzac Day and why
it is important to remember the brave soldiers
who went to War and died for us.
These two photos show Robert painting.  This is
the first time he has painted in our class.  We are
going to make some Anzac poppies so we are 
making the paper to cut them out from.
We are painting blue, yellow or black backgrounds
for our poppies to go on and here is Jade making
some green paper by painting a darker green onto
bubble wrap and printing it on the lighter green
so we can cut our stalks from it.
Here is Alex having his well deserved breakfast at
Breakfast Club.  Each morning he comes early to
help set up, by cleaning the tables, getting all the
bowls, spoons, weetbix milk and tooth brushes
organised.  Today he helped Mrs O make the
fruit salad.  Well done Alex.

Week 10
This week we had our Art Show in at Timaru 
Show to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.
Here are our Mondrian paintings.
Here are our Hundertwasser works.
These are our three Jackson Pollock art works.
This is Jade and Abby's Mondrian puzzle.
This is Jack, Harley and Cooper's 3D Mondrian.

Week 9
This week we painted a Jackson Pollock type
painting.  He was famous for his drip painting.
He didn't use brushes all the time.  Sometimes
he just used a stick and flicked the paint.  We
had such fun painting like this and we had 
to clean up some paint that went all over the
 We finished our Hundertwasser
paintings this week.  They took us a
lot of time but we were really pleased
with them.

Week 8
We made lots of delicious gingerbread for the
Fair. The best part was when we decorated
them with treats.
Our Year 4 children got fantastic dictionaries
from Rotary this week.  They belong to us but
we are also using them in the classroom to
help with our proof reading.
For Mindfulness this week we made a Glitter Jar
to help us to calm down when we are upset. If
we don't do this we can't make good decisions.
This is how we made it.  We put warm water in a
plastic jar and added some glitter.  Then we put
in a small amount of dish washing liquid so the
glitter would go to the bottom of the jar.  Then
we added, watered down, wall paper glue, so
the glitter takes longer to settle to
the bottom of the jar.

Week 7
In our classroom we have some tadpoles that
Steve brought in for us.  This is the life
cycle of how a tadpole turns into a frog.
One of our tadpoles has turned into a froglet
and is climbing up the side of the tank.
Here is Cooper cutting out lollipop trees for
his Hundertwasser art work.
Here is Jade and Abby dying the houses that
are to go on the Hundertwasser art work.

Week 6
Here is Jade and Abby finishing their 3D
We looked at lots of Hundertwasser's
art work.  This is one we liked a lot.
Hundertwasser likes using curved lines in his work.
Here we are using combed card to make lines.
Jack, Harley and Cooper are still working on
their 3D Mondrian.  It i taking a long time and 
is really hard to glue everything in place.  
Luckily we took a photo and are using this for
our plan.
Week 5
The Year 3 and 4 children are making 3D
Mondrians.  It is taking lots of planning.
Here is Jack, Harley and Cooper working out
how to put theres together.
This is their plan.
Jade and Abby have made a smaller Mondrian
and are using black tape to make the

Week 4
We are  making a 3D Mondrian. Here is Abby painting
the shapes to go on it.
Tobyas was the first in the class to discover how to
make brown.  He mixed red, blue and yellow.

Week 3
We have been making Mondian pictures by cutting
and gluing.
Everyone did different pictures.  They were great.
Here are some of the pictures.
These pictures are made by  Tobyas, Lennox
Phergus and Malachi.
We took off the tape and our Mondrian paintings
magically appeared.
Week 2
We are swimming in our cool pool.  Eva helped Robert
get into the pool for the first time.
Well done Robert.
Phergus also got into the pool for the
first time.  Well done Phergus.
We have started learning about Piet Mondrain's art
work.  He uses straight lines that are black and
We have put  white tape on  our paper and now
are using a sponge to paint some of the
squares white.

Week 1
We have been relearning about how the brain
works to make sure that we are mindful to listen
and learn at school.
We are also talking about using our WITS to
solve problems at school and home.


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