March Birthdays:
Mason 2nd
Tiana 15th 


Term 1 Week 8:



Reading Club - morning teatime
2:30pm - Kiwican 

9:10am - School Assembly
11:00am - Library
12:15am - Buddies

Term 1 Value: RESPECT
Week 2:

Jenica, Ivy and Bradley were our first TAPs for this year.
Week 3:
Well done Haneul, Metallica-Rose and Raiya.
Week 4:
Riley, Ronael and Raiya were this week's TAPs.
Week 5:
Tabloid sports
Week 6:
Congratulations Ivy, Anderson and Ronael for being this week's TAPs.
Week 7:
Wow - Devana, Anderson and Rylan were this week's TAPs.
Week 8:
Well done Charlotte and Benji for being chosen as this week's TAPs.

School Assembly                       
Student of the Week
W2: Devana and Rylan
4Rs Trophy: Ivy
Caught Being Good Duffy Book: Jenica
W4: Charlotte - being organised for school each day
       Anderson - completing homework tasks consistently
Caught Being Good Duffy Book: Azaleea
W6Haneul - great reading progress
        Ronael - being responsible and tidying equipment away
Caught Being Good Duffy Book: Makai
Caught Being Good Duffy Book:

Junior Assembly
Ali, Azaleea and Makai-
Moving up to Set 2 in Spelling.
Caleb -
Moving up to set 3 in Spelling.
Duffy Book
Mason -
Regularly completing homework tasks.

- If you could clearly name your child's school uniform items it makes it so much easier to give back misplaced items of clothing - especially sunhats that get left in the playground!

- All Assemblies are now going to be on Friday mornings at 9:10am. Junior Assembly will be held in R5, and Whole School Assemblies will be held in the hall. Hope to see you there 
to celebrate our student's successes. They are held week about.

- Our Library time this year is Friday at 11:00am. Children can borrow two books to bring home and we encourage these to be returned and swapped regularly. They are issued for two weeks but can be exchanged weekly.Any lost books will incur a charge. 
Important Dates to remember:
Wednesday 28 March - Duffy Theatre 1:30pm

Thursday 29 March - Visiting performer "Elgregoe" 1:40pm

Easter Holidays - School closed Friday 30 March, Monday 2 April, Tuesday 3 April

Last day of Term 1 - Friday 13 April
Term 2 begins - Monday 30 April



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What's been happening in Room 8 this week?
Term 1 Week 7:
Another busy week has flown by in R8. In writing we wrote about our pets, because Mrs Liddy has a new little ginger kitten called Archie and she tells us what he gets up to while she's at school ..... climbing up the curtains, playing with his toys, tipping things over! 
On Thursday mornings at playtime, some of our class go to Reading Club. They practise their reading with one of the Senior students, and this is helping them to become fluent confident readers. Thank you seniors for your help.
Our math's focus is addition - students are working with numbers up to 10, 20 or 100. Our answers are becoming more accurate the more we practise.
We had Spelling Check Ups this week to see if any students were ready to move up to the next set of words. Congratulations to Ali, Azaleea and Makai who have moved up to Set 2, and Caleb who has moved up to Set 3.
We enjoyed having Mrs Chapman as our teacher on Wednesday. We had fun with the story "Green Eggs and Ham" and for maths we made penguin pictures using half and quarter shapes. We are looking forward to seeing her again in Week 9.
Friday was Mufti Day. Lots of students from all of the classes were very creative thinking of ways to dress up starting with the letter J. Check out Room 8's great J ideas. Can you see the Joker, a jogger, a jaguar, Justin Bieber?
To finish off the week it was Junior Assembly time hosted by R9. Well done to Ali, Azaleea, Makai and Caleb who received certificates for working hard with their spelling accuracy. Mason was awarded the Duffy book for consistently completing his homework tasks.
Term 1 Week 6:
After school on Tuesday and Wednesday we had Parent Interviews. This was a great opportunity to discuss with our families how we have settled into school this year and how we are progressing with our learning. We also discussed our behaviour and areas we need to work on.
During writing we recorded some of our thoughts about the floating and sinking experiments we have been doing, and what we had found out. We completed "The Great Ball Challenge" as well as "The Orange Experiment"  which is helping us form ideas about why some things float and why some things sink. 
Which balls float and which balls sink?
With "The Orange Experiment" we found that an unpeeled orange floats, but when you peel the orange it sinks! This is because the skin of the orange has little air pockets that help it to float. 
At Friday's School Assembly we were proud that Haneul and Ronael were the winners of this week's Student of the Week certificates. Makai won the Caught Being Good Duffy Book, and Ivy was one of the lucky winners in the Lucky Dip draw for consistently using her 4Rs at school. What a great way to end the week.
Term 1 Week 5:
Almost halfway through T1 already! Time flies by when we are busy. We are working hard on our handwriting so our written work can be easily read. We are practising to form letters and numbers correctly by making sure we are starting them in the correct place.
The Year 3 students completed some reading and listening tests this week. They showed Resilience even if they found it hard and persevered to complete the tasks.
At Play Based learning some children used pavement chalk to create some interesting designs, while others pretended they were vets looking after and fixing hurt animals! We are improving our co-operation skills by sharing a variety of equipment.
Creative Play
During Topic work we collected a variety of objects from around the classroom, and then in groups we tested them to see which ones would float and which ones would sink. Before we tested them we predicted what each object would do. We were surprised when some of our predictions turned out differently than what we expected.
Testing our predictions
The Tabloid Sports at Pareora on Thursday afternoon were really enjoyable even though it was a very hot afternoon. The older children in the teams were very helpful and made sure the younger kids knew how to play the games. Unfortunately we couldn't have a swim because the pump in the pool was broken. Everyone went home tired but happy. 
Term 1 Week 4:
Cyclone Gita's talked about arrival interrupted our week with heavy rain stopping some students from getting to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. We did some rainy day writing on Wednesday and some of us like rainy days and some of us don't! Spending wet days in the classroom during playtime and lunchtime is challenging for everyone, but with a movie in the library at lunch times and lots of classroom equipment, everyone was able to show their resilience.
Kiwican continues to be a hi light of the week, especially when we get time to play our favourite game skittles! 
We began our science topic this week. In pairs we wrote down our ideas about two questions we were asked - What is Floating? What is Sinking? Next week we will do some experiments to increase our understanding of floating and sinking.
Next Thursday is the Junior Tabloid Sports being held at the Pareora Campus. We have been practising some of the games we will do there. It's going to be fun as we are staying for lunch at Pareora, and then if the weather is suitable we'll have a swim in their pool or play in their Playpod. 
During Play Based Learning on Tuesday afternoon, some children enjoyed building with lego. Some very tall structures were created! Another group were finding which objects in the the classroom magnets were attracted too. They found out out they only stick to some kinds of metal.
On Friday mornings after morning play we go to the library. We can read, choose books to take home and have stories read to us. It is enjoyable and relaxing.
A relaxing library time
Our buddies helped us to reflect on our week - what we've enjoyed, what we think we've done well and what we're going to try hard with next week. They videoed us talking and then uploaded it onto Seesaw to share with our families.
 Term 1 Week 3:
This week went by very quickly!
Room 8 are working hard on their Recount writing and trying hard to remember to use finger spaces between words, capital letters and fullstops in the correct places, as well as adding interesting detail into their stories.
It was pleasing to see most of the class completing their homework activities this week, especially re-reading their reading book each night to increase their fluency.
Tuesday afternoon is when we have a session of Play Based Learning with Room 9. We can choose activities that we would like to do. Our goals this week were to play co-operatively and share the equipment, and be involved with tidying up at the end of the session. Most of us achieved these goals.
Play Based learning fun.
Playing Skittles at Kiwican was fun for everyone, and it was good to see people playing fair and going out when they got tagged.
It was Room 8's turn to host Junior Assembly on Friday morning. We shared a poem and a song with the other classes. We did a good job and were lucky enough to be awarded QBear for our good manners and listening during assembly.
Practising our poem for assembly
During Buddy Time we read books with our big buddies. We were going to read in the Aqua Garden but unfortunately we didn't have the right key for the gate! Maybe another time.
Reading with our buddies.
Term 1 Week 2:
Everyone is settling in and making pleasing progress in learning new routines. This week we began some of our regular activities.
On Thursday afternoon it was great to be back at Kiwican with Shardous and Gemma. This term we will be focussing on RESPECT and how we should be showing it in the classroom, playground and at home. We played Sleeping Gorilla which was a lot of fun.
Shardous and Gemma explain our Kiwican lesson
Friday was a really busy day for us. First thing in the morning we had our first whole school assembly for the year. After voting on Thursday morning for students we thought would make good house leaders this year, it was exciting when the winners were announced. We know they will do a good job. After playtime we were off to the library. This week we were able to choose books to take home and read. We need to be responsible and return them regularly for others to enjoy. Before lunch we met up with our Room 11 buddies. They helped us complete an "All About Me" worksheet. Each Friday we are going to meet with our buddies and do a variety of activities.
Buddy time with Room 11.
Probably the hi-light of the week for some of us was the barbecue on Wednesday night. The slippery waterslide and the delicious sausages made for a really enjoyable evening. It was lovely to see so many families having a fun time.
In amongst all the fun activities we have continued to get back up to speed with our reading writing and maths. We began our group reading this week, and have been sorted into maths groups ready to get underway next week. Regular Homework activities will begin again next week, so that is another routine we need to focus on. 
Next week we are looking forward to some Play Based Learning sessions where we get to follow our interests.
Term 1 Week 1:
Our class is made up of 24 Year 2 and 3 students blended from Rooms 1, 4, 9 and some from last year's Room 8.
 This week we focussed on settling in, learning rules and routines as well as getting to know each other. We have also talked a lot about how we use the 4R's in the classroom and playground. This is so important as we want everyone at Timaru South to feel safe and happy. 
We have done shared reading, drawing and writing about our holidays, handwriting, maths games but our favourite activity has been GoNoodle! New students to Room 8 are really enjoying this fitness activity. We met all the new students in the Junior Syndicate at Junior Assembly on Friday morning. We also had our first visit to the Library on Friday morning. We are lucky to have so many super books to read. We chose some for our classroom library corner, and next week we will choose some to take home - YAY!
Roll on next week!
Room 8 getting to know each other through games and sharing equipment.