November Birthdays:

Term 4 Week 6:
School Athletic Sports


Kiwican - 2:30pm

Junior Assembly - 9:10am
Hosted by Room 8

Value for Term 4

Ocean, Anderson and Jenica were our TAP's in W1. 

David, Payne, Christian and Ali were W2's TAP's.

Ronael, Jenica and Marcus were W3's TAPs.

- The new garden area has its official opening this Friday at 1:30pm.
Everyone welcome.

- The athletics sports are on Monday 20 November.
Notices with all the details were given to students last Thursday.

-Please remember to bring your homework book and reading book to school
each day - we use them at school daily.

      - Our Library day is Monday so please remember your books so you can exchange them regularly.                   



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What have Room 8 been up to this week?
Term 4 Week 4:
We have continued practising this week for the athletic sports. We are really getting the hang of long jump, high jump, tennis ball throw and sprints. We will be well prepared for the sports on the 20th!
On Tuesday we had our first afternoon of Play Based Learning with Room 9. We can choose from a range of activities in both classrooms or out on the deck. We have to use a number of skills like - sharing, co-operation, teamwork, problem solving, talking to plan what we want to do. We are going to be doing this each Tuesday afternoon. The activities will change and develop each week. 
On Wednesday we had an enjoyable day with Mrs Shepherd who was teaching in our classroom. She is looking forward to coming back again next Wednesday.  
On Friday morning we enjoyed the Hiwi the Kiwi show with the Minstrel and his wife. He talked to us about how to be safe in boats and how to make sure there will always be fish for us to catch in the future. He taught us some songs as well. There is a competition for a brand new fishing rod that he gave to our school. We have to write a story about the show and the messages we learnt, and the best story from our school will win the fishing rod! Mr Hogan will be the judge. 
Another busy week came to an end!
Term 4 Week 3:
The athletic sports are coming up in Week 6 so we have started practising the events. Rooms 1, 4, 8 and 9 go out and practise together. We have to be Resilient because it takes time and practise to learn new skills. 
We had spelling and times tables check ups this week and most of us improved our scores which was great. Ashlee, Ocean, Briahna, Jenica and Anderson moved up a set in spelling. Well done! These students regularly practise their weekly list so this has really helped them to make pleasing progress. 
Friday was mufti and assembly day. Well done to Amelia and Anderson for being awarded the "Super Students" certificates this week. Keep up the good work.
Term 4 Week 2:
We enjoyed our Labour Weekend holiday on Monday and the week really zoomed by. We welcomed Payne to our classroom on Tuesday. He has moved to Timaru from Gisborne and we have been helping him settle into his new school. 
As well as working on our number knowledge in Maths, on Fridays we are also focussing on fractions. This is quite a hard topic to understand, so first of all we are looking at halves and quarters of shapes and numbers. 
In reading we are concentrating on using strategies to work out words we come across that we don't know. We have a chart and also a bookmark which helps us to remember the strategies that "Awesome Readers" use if they get stuck. 
Our topic this term is about being an Upstander instead of a Bystander.This means that if we see something happening that we know is wrong, we will do something a bout it. It might be someone being treated unkindly, or some thing being damaged. Like WITS we can choose what is the best thing to do to help. 
On Thursday afternoon we had our last Kiwican lesson with Dom. It was fun playing our favourite game Skittles for the last time with her. We made some cards to give her because we are grateful for all the values she has taught us. 
Goodbye Dom and many thanks!
Also on Thursday afternoon we had a special performance by the Tokelauan community. We enjoyed their songs and learnt to count to 10 in their language and also name some of our body parts in Tokelauan. We learnt that the Tokelau islands are very small. Thankyou for sharing your culture with us.
At Friday's Junior Assembly Jenica and Payne were our certificate winners, and Max was awarded the Duffy Book. Congratulations Super Students! We also were awarded Q Bear because we used our 4R's as we watched and listened to Room 4 presenting assembly.
Term 4 Week 1:
Welcome back to the last term for 2017! This is going to be a very busy term with athletics and swimming to participate in.
Room 8 were keen and ready to get back into their work.We have been doing some maths check ups this week to see which areas we need more practise with. Basic Facts which includeTimes Tables are still an important focus for us. Any practise that families can help with would be much appreciated. 
Spelling practise with our buddies
On Thursday we met our new Kiwican Leader Kayla. She is lots of fun and we look forward to learning a lot with her. Sadly next week is Dom's last week so another new leader will be coming soon. Good luck Dom and thank you so much for all of the fun and learning we have done with you. We will miss you teasing us!
Welcome to our new Kiwican Leader Kayla.
Ocean, Anderson and Jenica were our TAP's at Kiwican. A great start to the term!
At Assembly on Friday we celebrated the students who have made a great start back at school for Term 4.
Congratulations Chloe and Zoe - you were our Super Students this week!
David and Ronael won the Duffy books for great behaviour during assembly.
Eli, Tyson, Zoe and Marcus received books and certificates for completing the Quick 60 reading programme.
Thank you Lana for helping these students improve their reading progress.
Term 3 Week 9 and 10:
The last two weeks of the term have gone by extremely quickly and everyone is excited and ready for a holiday break. 
For maths in Week 9 we were looking at "chance" which is part of the Statistics strand. We were using dice and coins to explain chance and see what the different outcomes can be if you're flipping a coin or rolling a dice. Some interesting results.
We are still working hard to learn our times tables  - we have a times table ladder and we can challenge people and try to get to the top of the ladder!
We were still working on our animal posters these last two weeks and managed to get them completed.
We found researching information quite challenging but everyone persevered and felt proud of the poster they created. Next time we do this type of task we will find it much easier I'm sure.
Our Posters
On the Friday of Week 9 the seniors held a mini-fair to raise money for their camps next term . Everyone had lots of fun buying all sorts of treats and treasures.
At the end of the term we said goodbye to Richie our Kiwican leader. We will really miss him because he taught us so many fun games and helped us to use our WITS and our 4Rs at school and hopefully at home too. Thank you for all the fun times Richie. We will meet our new leader after the holidays.
Bye Richie!
Also on the last day of term we had Loud Shirt day. This was a nation wide fundraiser to help children with hearing difficulties. Thank you for supporting this day.
Term 3 Week 8:
An exciting start to this week was getting our new Duffy books at the special assembly on Monday afternoon. NZ athlete Kathryn Camp spoke to us about her experiences as a runner and shared her favourite authors with us. She has read some books that we also like! We have been enjoying reading our new books at school and at home.
Yay our new Duffy books!
This week was Maori Language Week so we have been learning how to say the names of some things in our classroom in Maori. We have also listened to some Maori Legends during reading time and learnt a new Maori song. Whaea Kathy also came on Thursday for our fortnightly lesson.
On Friday morning we enjoyed the Jump Rope activities. We were in teams with children from the other Junior classrooms and we moved around a series of activities with short and long ropes, Hopscotch, Jump Jam and colouring in. Everyone had a great time and it was lovely to see the bigger children being so helpful with the little children when they were trying new activities. Thank you to Mr Larkin for organising such a great morning, and thank you to the families who came along to watch and support their children. 
 The week finished off with Assembly. Congratulations to Ronael and Ivy for being our "Super Students" this week. Also well done to Mokai for being chosen to receive the Duffy book - you really know how to use your 4R's.
Room 8 Super students Ivy, Ronael and Mokai.
Mr Hogan was very impressed with the way Ollie was so patient helping the little children learn how to jump with the elastics during Jump Rope, so he was awarded the 4Rs trophy at Assembly. Congratulations Ollie!
Term 3 Week 7:
We read a book about earthworms and found it really interesting so we made a wormery. Amelia and Marcus brought along some worms to put into it. Before we put them into the wormery we had a close up look and feel of the earthworms. They are pretty wriggly and slimy. 
Wiggle wiggle wiggle went the worms and left slimy trails!
Also as part of our "Living World" topic we started an animal study. By ourselves or with a buddy we chose an animal we were interested in and used the iPads to find information about it.
We are going to use our information to make posters about our animals.
This week was Tongan Language Week and we were lucky to have a cultural group visit
and share some of their language and dances with us.
At Junior Assembly on Friday morning, Ashlee and Briahna were awarded certificates for the great work they are doing in maths. Their group have been learning a new strategy for adding numbers together, and they have been showing lots of perseverance. Hayze always uses lovely manners so received the Duffy Book for his consistent use of manners. Well done you Super Stars! Room 8 listened  well during assembly so were rewarded with Q Bear. He will be part of Room 8 for the next two weeks. Lucky Room 8.
Term 3 Week 6:
This week was Maths Week so on Tuesday and Wednesday the Junior classes swapped around and did a variety of maths activities. It was fun having different teachers and doing hands on activities about time, patterns, measurement and statistics. In our classrooms we also did problem solving.
Room 9 and Room 1 enjoy some activities about telling the time.
A game we like playing in Room 8 is Pigface. It's a spelling game like Hangman. we have to try and spell a word before we get Pigfaced!
Jake is trying to Pigface Room 8!
Amelia and David were our Super Students at assembly on Friday. David is a really good helper and Amelia knows how to use her 4Rs. Hamiora was chosen to receive a Duffy Book because of his great behaviour during assembly.
Congratulations Amelia David and Hamiora.
Ashlee knows how to use the 4Rs. Congratulations for winning the trophy at Assembly this week.
Term 3 Week 5:
The highlight of this week was Chloe Max and Marcus being awarded certificates at Friday's junior assembly. It is great to see you working so hard.
Term 3 Week 4:
Constable Maire was back first thing Monday morning to talk about safety plans. We drew plans of our homes and backyards and had to think of safe ways to get out of our houses if something was happening that we were worried about. We also talked about places we could go to get help if we needed it - neighbours, other family members, friends, teachers, police 111. Maire was very impressed with the plans that we drew.
Our detailed safety plans
Lucky Room 8 had another Mrs Smith day on Thursday. This time we learnt a lot about money! We learnt to recognise the coins and notes that we use to buy things. Mrs Smith thinks we re working very well in room 8.
On the last two Fridays we have chosen a piece of work that we've completed during the week and uploaded it onto Seesaw so our families can see what we have been doing at school. First we have to take a photo with an ipad, add a comment, then upload it onto our page. We are very good at helping each other if we're not sure what to do next. We hope you are enjoying seeing our work.
The play pod was open at lunchtime a couple of days this week, so lots of us enjoyed playing with some different equipment. It takes a big team effort to tidy it all up at the end of lunchtime! 
Fun with the Play Pod equipment
At the whole school  assembly on Friday afternoon Hamiora and Jake were our "Super Students" for their pleasing efforts in class, and Ollie was chosen to receive a Duffy book because of his excellent behaviour during assembly. 
Keep up the pleasing effort Jake, Ollie and Hamiora.
Term 3 Week 3:
We have continued with our Keeping Ourselves Safe topic this week and Constable Maire took a lesson with us on Wednesday afternoon. We talked about the proper names for our body parts, and also the kinds of touch we like, and the kinds of touch that hurts us or make us feel uncomfortable. It is important that we know to ask adults that we trust for help if we need it.
Mrs Smith was our teacher on Thursday and we enjoyed completing lots of activities about winter. Luckily we are nearly at the end of winter - have you noticed that the daffodils are starting to pop up in our gardens?
We have been enjoying our chapter book "Fantastic Mr Fox" written by Roald Dahl. Mrs Liddy reads us a chapter each morning while we are having a healthy snack before going out to play.
During maths we have been learning about Place Value. We have been working out how many hundreds, tens and ones are in numbers.
It was Junior Assembly on Friday morning and Ali and Ocean received certificates for their great classroom work. Amelia was awarded the Duffy book and certificate for "Caught Being Good" because she has been working hard to include more detail in her story writing. Well done girls.
Congratulations Ocean, Amelia and Ali. You are working well in class.
Our behaviour was so impressive at assembly that Q Bear is going to spend the next two weeks in our room! Lucky lucky us!
Term 3 Week 2:
This week went very quickly because it was Teacher Only day on Monday. Some of us had 3 way Interviews on Wednesday and Thursday after school so it was good to discuss how we can continue to make progress with all of our school day. 
We have been talking about ways to Keep Ourselves Safe and know that it's important to know our address and phone number in case we need to ask for help. We've talked about ways to be safe in a variety of situations.
We have a new website that can help us with our learning. It is called Studyladder and it has lots of literacy and maths activities that we can complete either at school or at home. 
At Assembly on Friday afternoon Jenica and Mokai were our Super Students and Christian was the winner of the Duffy book.
This weeks Super Students, Mokai Jenica and Christian
Term 3 Week 1:
Was great being back at school again to begin another busy term. We welcomed a new student Ronael from Samoa and we are all helping him to settle into his new school and classroom.
Our topic for the start of this term is Keeping Ourselves Safe and Constable Froud will be coming into class in W3 and W4 to take two lessons. Living World from the Science curriculum will follow on for the next topic. 
We had our first Kiwican lesson on Thursday afternoon - our value for this term is INTEGRITY - doing the right thing no matter what! Dom and Richie always have great games and activities to help us practise the value.
Our maths stand alongside numeracy for the start of the term is Geometry, so on Friday we started making some pictures using a variety of 2d shapes.
2D shape pictures
Also on Friday we had Junior Assembly and we are very proud of David, Anderson and Briahna for being certificate winners they week. I wonder who will receive certificates at next week's whole school assembly.
Junior Assembly winners - congratulations!
Term 2 Week 10:
It's hard to believe term 2 has come to an end - it went so quickly, which must mean we've been really busy!
Whaea Kathy practised our counting in Maori on Thursday morning with us which is always fun. We are getting pretty good with our actions that go with the numbers.
Our last Kiwican day was a games day, and everyone joined in and had a great time with games such as Hot Potato, Snakes in the Grass and Skittles. Ashlee was chosen as this term's TAP because of her great cando attitude, being a good friend to others and her positive participation in all Kiwican sessions. Congratulations Ashlee, we are so proud of you!
Kiwican games we enjoy - Snakes in the Grass and Skittles!
Congratulations Ashlee - TAP for Term 2!
Friday was a really fun day because first of all it was mufti day and we were allowed to dress up as animals! What an exciting looking group of animals Room 8 were!
Room 8's amazing animals!!!
After morning teatime we had our Art and discovery exchange which we always enjoy. Then after lunch it was Assembly time. We saw some activities that some of the Arts groups have been working on and were pretty impressed. also the lucky draw happened for students who haven't had their name in the incident book in the last five weeks . room 8 had some lucky winners. Back in class we had a quick tidy up and then it was time to head home for the start of our holidays Woo hoo! Have a great time everybody.
Term 2 Week 9:
On Tuesday morning most of us presented our speeches to the class. We had all been practising so we managed it pretty well.
Amelia and Marcus present their speeches to the class
Anderson Ivy and Jake were in the final!
 At the final we heard a great selection of speeches about favourite places and were very excited that Ivy came second place.Congratulations Ivy!
Junior Speech placegetters - Melody 1st, Ivy 2nd, Lucas and 3rd =
We had a lesson with Sasha from St John's Ambulance on Wednesday afternoon. We learnt about what to do in an emergency, and practised calling 111. Knowing our address and phone number is very important so that we can share that information if we ever need to in an emergency situation. Thank you to St John's for the very useful First Aid kit each student received. 
St John's lesson with Sasha
During our topic time we worked in pairs and started creating a Pic Collage poster. We have to make up a question related to our topic and then find information to try and answer our question. We have to co-operate to get the job done!
Term 2 Week 8:
We have written our speeches for the speech competition next week. We will need to practise them a lot at home and at school so we can present them confidently to our class. Then 3 students will be selected to go into the speech final on Friday 30 June. Good luck everyone!
Whaea Kathy came on Thursday morning and we were practising our counting in Maori. We counted backwards and forwards and she taught us some actions to help us remember the different numbers. It was fun.
In Maths we are working hard to get faster recalling our times tables. We have been playing lots of games to help us learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
Learning to record times table facts
Games are helping us learn our tables
Ashlee and Marcus were our Super Students at the whole school assembly on Friday for being kind and helpful to others in the class.
Term 2 Week 7:
This week we had spelling check ups to see if anyone was ready to move up the the next set of words. Congratulations to Jenica, Ollie, Hayze and Jake who moved up to Set 2. During handwriting we have been concentrating on starting letters in the correct place. A lot of us start our letters at the bottom instead of the top! We need to change what we have been doing because when we go on to linking our letters when we are older it'll be impossible if we're not forming our letters correctly.
Christian and David forming their letters correctly
We are enjoying learning information about our solar system during our topic work.
In our Kiwican lessons we are learning about being a good friend so we are trying to do that in the classroom and playground.
On Friday morning we had Junior Assembly, and Christian and Eli received awards for their improved efforts in the classroom. Well done boys!
Term 2 Week 6:
Lots of families made the most of the long Queen's Birthday weekend enjoying a variety of family activities.
 The rest of the week flew by!
Mrs Hinton taught us on Wednesday and we had lots of fun with the variety of topic activities she had for us to do. We did lots of writing and reading about astronauts!
On Friday morning we began our 10 week Arts programme. This is for Y3-8 students. We chose an area of the arts we would like to do, and we are in groups with students from other classrooms and from 11 o'clock until lunchtime each Friday we are involved in this activity. The Y1 and 2 children have their Discovery programme during this time.
Discovery Time fun
Mrs Liddy's paper mâché art group
We were presenting an item at the whole school assembly on Friday, so we had to finish our art work and find an interesting fact about our topic to share as well. Mrs Liddy was very proud of the way we managed our behaviour throughout assembly.
Sharing our space pictures and facts at assembly
At this week's assembly there was a lucky draw, and students who hadn't had their name in the incident book this term had the chance to win a prize. Well done Zoe, Tyson and Marcus for being some of the lucky winners this time. There will be another draw at the end of the term. Remember to use your 4Rs and your WITS so you don't get your name in the incident book!
Eli and Azaleea were our super students this week so congratulations you two and keep up your effort.
Super Students!
Term 2 Week 5:
We did two practises at the gardens this week so that we were ready for the Cross Country which we were looking forward to running in on Thursday. However the ground conditions weren't dry enough so it was postponed until Friday. The sun was shining brightly as we made our way around the course on Friday after an early lunch. Everyone did their best and showed lots of resilience to complete their race. We loved hearing our families and friends cheering us on as we ran towards the finish line. Some of our class did very well and  received first, second or third placings. 
Great running at the school Cross Country
During reading time, after we have completed our set work, we work on independent activities. Each day we have a different activity to do, and these activities are rotated around the groups. Activities include - spelling activities, listening post, iPod apps and board games. We work on these quietly while groups are having their guided reading time with the teacher.
Each Monday we look forward to going to the library to read and choose books to take home. We are getting very good at remembering to bring back the books we have read so we can swap them for something else we are interested in. 
At Junior Assembly on Friday morning, Jake ( great behaviour in class) and  Ollie (excellent maths)  received certificates for being our super students this week - congratulations boys. Zoe received the Duffy Book for her reading progress - keep up the good work Zoe.
 Term 2 Week 4:
Janet and Steph came to teach us about Sneeze Safe on Tuesday morning. We learnt what to do when we have coughs, sneezes and runny noses during the winter - use your elbow, hands or tissues to trap coughs and sneezes, throw tissues in the bin and don't pick your nose!!! Afterwards, always wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. We know how important it is to always wash our hands before we eat so that bugs and germs don't get into our bodies and make us sick. We did an experiment with glitter to show how easily and how far germs can spread. Also Mrs Liddy did the hand washing experiment to show us how warm soapy water can wash away dirt, bugs and germs from our hands.
Now we know how to keep bugs and germs away - WASH YOUR HANDS!
Our topic this term is about "Planet Earth and Beyond." We have been learning about the planets in our Solar System and how they are all unique. We are glad we live on earth, because it is just right for us - it is called the Goldilocks planet! We have also done some writing and art related to our topic.
Space Art
There is only one more week to practise for the cross Country. We are all going to try our very best, and we will be Resilient because the Cross Country is a really hard race!
When Whaea Kathy visited us on Thursday we practised pronouncing colours in Maori. She taught us a song which will also help us to remember each colour.
We were very proud of Max and Chloe for being Students of the Week at Assembly, and Hayze  for being chosen to receive a Duffy Book. Keep up the good work Room 8!
Term 2 Week 3:
Another busy week has zoomed by! The hi-light of the week was probably the performance by Strike. It was very loud but most enjoyable. Mrs Hinton was teaching R8 on Thursday while Mrs Liddy was doing some maths check ups with us, so she got to see Strike as well.
We have continued to settle into our class routines and are trying really hard to improve our listening and following instructions skills. Once we master this, we will always be on task and getting our work done quickly and to a really good standard. 
The Cross Country is coming up in a couple of weeks and we are continuing to get ourselves fit and ready for it. GoNoodle is another way we do fitness in class, and it's always lots of fun.
Keeping fit with GoNoodle.
On Fridays we do a different math's strand than Monday to Thursday. For this part of the term we are working on measurement and on Friday we were looking at capacity - how much can something hold. We were guessing then checking the amount of sand different sizes and shapes of containers could hold. We were comparing two and then three containers. It was interesting to see that it wasn't always the taller container that held the most! 
Which one holds the most?
Ollie and Briahna check out the guesses by measuring and counting the scoops of sand.
We were very proud of Ivy and Hamiora for winning certificates at Junior Assembly on Friday morning. Also Jenica won the "Caught Being Good" Duffy book, for always coming to school organised for a day of learning - she remembers to bring her Homework and Reading books to school each day. Congratulations to these wonderful students!
Congratulations Junior Assembly winners!
Term 2 Week 2:
Week 2 has really whizzed by! We have started practising for the school Cross Country which is being held on June 1st at the Botanic Gardens. Times of races will be coming in a newsletter soon. We need to run each day to build up our stamina. We will be trying to increase the amount of time we can jog for each week so we don't get the stitch on the day of the race.
Yummy fruit after playtime while we silent read.
Also this week Mrs Liddy has set up our homework books. We have some spelling words to practise, plus we take a reading book home to re-read. A small revision maths sheet completes our tasks. Homework should only take 10-15 mins to complete each day and is helpful for continuing to build the essential skills we need as we progress through school. Mrs Liddy understands that if something else comes up after school and we don't get it done every day that's ok!
On Wednesday afternoon we were treated to a wonderful performance of Puss in Boots, Pet Detective" from a talented group of three actors. They could sing, dance and act, and the show was thoroughly entertaining. Thank you NZ Playhouse, and we hope you return next year. 
We all enjoyed the performance of Puss in Boots - Pet Detective. It was very funny and entertaining.
The week finished off with our school assembly presented by Room 12 on Friday afternoon. We enjoyed their Anzac Day presentation and seeing what activities they did to commemorate this important day. We were very proud of Tyson and Anderson for receiving certificates to show they are using their 4Rs in the classroom and playground. Keep up the good work boys.
Room 8 wishes all of our wonderful mums a very happy Mother's Day on Sunday and we do hope you have an enjoyable time with your family.
Happy Mother's Day from Room 8!
Term 2 Week 1:
On Monday we met our new teacher Mrs Liddy. We are getting to know her and she is getting to know us! We were all pretty excited to see Harold's caravan parked outside the Junior Block on Monday morning when we got to school, and enjoyed visiting the caravan twice during the week to learn about breathing. In class we have been getting underway with our work but also spent some time each day completing activities in the activity book to help us remember what we had learnt with Rudi and Harold. 
It's always fun with Harold and Rudi when we visit the Life Education caravan.
Rudi gets us moving and Harold always has a joke for us.
Richie and Dom were back again for Kiwican on Thursday afternoon. Our topic for this term is Positive Relationships, so we will be working hard to make sure we are putting into practise the skills the leaders are teaching us. It will help to make our classroom and playground happy and safe places for everyone. 
We are in our teams and ready for a game of Noughts and Crosses.
Dom is explaining the rules and we are listening carefully.
On Friday morning it was the first Junior Assembly for this term. Mrs Liddy was very proud of us because our class won Q Bear for being good listeners as well as showing super behaviour throughout assembly. What a great start to Term 2 we've had!