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Room 1 is always a busy and exciting place to be. Have a look at what we've been up to lately...

 Week One: Back to School 


Term One in Room One

In Room 1 we have been busy learning about different letters of the alphabet. In Week 1 &2 we had the letter Ll as our focus. We made Lions and Lizards. In Week 3 we made Tigers and Tractors as we learnt about the letter Tt. During Week 4 we sang songs and poems about Hippo's and Helicopters as learnt about the sound from the letter Hh.

Play-Based Learning

 A big part of our curriculum focus in Room 1 is our Play-Based Learning.
We have had some much fun exploring and learning through play. So far this term we have had fun creating pulleys and lifts to transport our toys, and made a seesaw to move ourselves. We have discovered that using certain primary colours can create new colours, and we can paint with more than just a paintbrush. 

Term 1, Week 5: This week we looked at the letter 'Bb', we made some great boats for the wall and wrote some funny stories about bees, balls, bananas, and bats. We also had a trip to the Pareora campus for our Tabloid Sports day.

Term 1, Week 6: 

This week in one of our PlayBased Learning sessions we had a McDonald's drive through set up and taking orders. The customers had to make sure they had made their money to pay for their takeaways. We also had a couple of zip lines running from the deck to the courts, what a fun way to transport our bags!

Term 1, Week 7

This week we have been focused on the letter 'Oo' and the sound it makes. We have seen a lot of improvement in our Writing since learning our new letters/sounds this term. Have a look at Whitu's amazing story this week...

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