We are 5-year-olds and now some 6-year-olds in Room 1.


Week 5


Mrs Smith is teaching in Room 1

11:00 Singing in the hall
11:40 Athletics practice
1:30 Buddies with Room 6. We meet in Room 4
2:15 Library
Thursday Mrs Chapman is the teacher today
11:40 Athletics practice
Discovery at 11:00 with Room 4
11:40 Athletics practice
1:30 Opening of the new garden


Children turning 6 this term
Sophia and Heidi.
Welcome to Korbyn, Temai, Kaiden, Naki, Savannah

Term 4
week 2
Nevada-Rose for resilience with her illness
Lucas R for making efforts to be a successful learner

Term 4
Week 3
Naki for a good start to school
Heidi for being a super kind student for adults

Week 1
Korbyn and Kaiden for a wonderful start to school

Term 4
Week 1 School Assembly


 Visit sunshineonline.co.nz
 We use this for so many parts of our Literacy programme.

Letter blend and Sound of the Week.
Week  1 j       bl

Week 2  g      gl
Week 3  r       gr
Week 4  n      cl
Week 5  m     wh
Week 6   u      dr
Week 7   y      cr
Week 8  p      pl
Week 9   revise
Please bring things for the table.

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Term 4
Week 4
We have been busy! We have 19 children!
Samara and Savannah are joining the loose parts to  discover how high they can make them. They used the Key Competency of Participating and Contributing. The  Making Table was really popular as all these children had an idea of what they wanted to make. A whole lot of masking tape and sellotape was used! Mason created this 'emergency maker' Mason says, "you hit the end and it makes a noise and it gets help." Great thinking Mason. This is a very special  photo! We got to go to the Gardens to play on the swings and slide because we were so respectful when adults were talking. Mrs Ritani was so proud of us using the 4Rs in this way.

Week 1
Welcome to our new boys, Korbyn, Temai and Kaiden.
They will be on the video of 'the week that was' at School Assembly on Friday 20th.
We missed having Mrs Smith as our Tuesday teacher this week.
Mrs Smith is not well. We hope she gets better soon and can be with us next Tuesday.
We loved getting back into the sandpit this week.
Mason, Hunter and Bradley are spending a lot of their lunchtimes helping with the new school garden.
Melissa says they are terrific helpers .

Term 3
Week 5
Yippee We won Q-Bear at Junior Assembly. We have been trying so hard to be noticed as the best class and on Friday morning we did it!
 We are so proud.
Q-Bear is ours until the next Junior Assembly.
Can you see our sign in board? We are learning to write our names neatly and on the line.
Mrs Ritani and Mrs Smith can see a big improvement. We are motivated learners.

We have been working on filling each other's buckets. We are remembering to say kind things and to do Acts of Kindness as often as possible.
This week we had lots of Circle Time.
We have set up a space on the teachers teaching station where we can request a circle time to discuss an issue that is bothering us.
We really like when Mrs Ritani has role plays for us so we can learn how to manage our own problems.
Lucas R went to visit Mrs White in the library. He had a wiggly front tooth and Mrs White is an expert at assisting the tooth to come out! Lucas got his tooth sellotaped to a heart shape so he could take it home and pop under his pillow for the tooth fairy. You can see the space where his tooth came out in our class photo. (above)
Week 3
Thank you to the children who remembered to bring their library books, they got a trip to the treasure chest.
We learned a lot about Keeping Ourselves Safe with Constable Maire Froud. It is important that we know our home address so we can ask someone we trust to help us.
Our super students at Junior Assembly are Sophia, Bradley and Heidi.
Heidi received the Caught Being Good Duffy Book for being a good friend and using Resilience at Reading Time.
We are getting very good with the Davis learning Strategies of Release and Dial. We will be learning about Focus as the weeks go by.
We are pleased to have Janelle as another Teacher Aide to help us with our rotations during writing Time.  We think our handwriting is getting much neater already, with her support.
We are having Play Based Learning on Monday and Thursday afternoons and also on the Friday afternoon when there  is no School Assembly. Parents are most welcome to come and play with us, especially with art.
 Congratulations Bradley,
you are so good at tidying up.
Congratulations Sophia, 
You are trying hard with hearing the
first sounds of words.
Congratulations Heidi,
You are such a kind friend
and it is so easy to catch you being good!

Need to Know: -Our library day is Wednesday.
Children take the book they have chosen home and return it the following Wednesday.
We are learning about Keeping Ourselves safe. Thank you to the parents who returned the Homework page which encourages children to know their address and phone number.
Mrs Smith is introducing a Science topic this term; Living World. The children are becoming conversant with living and non-living.
On Thursday we went to the Botanic gardens after lunch. This was our reward for completing all our learning tasks in the morning! We would like to go again, so maybe next week we can get everything done again.
Amy-Leigh spent a lot of time on the swings.
Bradley and Hunter climbed right to the top of the spiderweb.
Nevada-Rose took her gloves to the Botanic Gardens.
Tiana had a great time on the swings.
Whitu chose the swings to have a go on.
Tiana was worried on this spinning activity. You can see how Bradley is being very kind and holding her safe
Zaria and Whitu are making it spin. Mason is enjoying the excitement!.

Term 2   2017
Week 8
We have been practising saying our speeches to an audience. We are getting better at using our voices for loudness and for making our speeches more interesting. The finals are on Friday morning and 2 children from Room 1 will present their speech to the Junior Syndicate.
We found out more about Matariki and have almost finished our beautiful pictures. Mrs Smith used a jigsaw for the children to cut out and reassemble to support their understanding of Matariki.
We hope children will go down to the Landing Services building to watch Marcus make light pictures with sand on Sunday afternoon.
On Thursday we had fun with Whaea Kathy learning to count forwards and backwards in Maori and she taught us actions to go with the words. We had trouble keeping up when the actions got faster!
OUr Play Based Learning was better this week. We do need to set rules and consequences for making this the best learning time. Mrs Smith and I know there are incredible cooperative activities and conversations happening.
We have been reflecting on our week in our 'I am Grateful' book. The children do notice and appreciate different things to be thankful for.
Week 7
On Thursday morning we had 5 children from Craighead Kindergarten come for a visit. We had a positive learning time using Count Down, a Maths programme on Sunshineonline. Then we made rockets with blocks trying to use squares, circles, rectangles and triangles. We hope Craighead Kindergarten comes back for another visit.
This week we used our Buddy time, on Wednesday afternoon,  to make our Zebras. We find there is lots of quality conversation as well as our big buddies guiding us with cutting out and assembling the Zebras.

Lucas and Deacon
Kash and Hunter
Whitu and Javonte
Levi and Mason

Sienna and Nevada
Amy-Leigh and Zoe Samara and Asha Ethan and Zayden
George and Lucas
 Marissa and Heidi
Tiana and Tristen

Week 6
We did some very clever work with masking tape to make the letter x,
then we sponge painted colours over the paper. When the paint was dry we carefully peeled off the masking tape to reveal an Upper case X and a lower case x. We managed this activity really well.
Mrs Ritani and Mrs Smith are concerned about how our Play Based Learning
is becoming less focussed on Learning. The room is often left untidy, which means the 4 Rs are not being used correctly. We are going to be having more 'Must Do' tasks for the children to work with and hopefully we will go back to Learning through play.
Week 5
This was cross country week! we had a great time on Friday after the races were postponed on Thursday.
We all tried out best. I don't have the results at this time but will put them on as soon as I can access them.
These are our Greedy Cat paintings. I took the photos on Thursday when everyone was wearing their house colours.
I will put more on during the week. They are such beautiful cats, and the background looks particularly colourful.
Lucas R
Week 3
This week we have been looking for signs of Autumn.
Autumn is the season we can identify as part of our Inquiry into Planet Earth and Beyond.
Mrs Smith has helped us understand day and night and how these are part of our Inquiry.
We had School photos on Tuesday and we all smiled beautifully for the camera.
Mrs Ritani thinks our individual photos will be stunning!
We had a day without screens for Wednesday-Screen Free day. This was a problem for Lucas D as he wasn't able to work with Make a Calendar on Starfall. Otherwise we managed.
On Thursday Room 4 joined us for the day. In the morning the school went to Strike percussion in the hall. We thought they were amazing. Mr Hunter and Mrs Brown got to play the drums and we all clapped and cheered at their courage.
Room 4 enjoyed using Sunshine online with us in the afternoon. We used the pod of iPads so everyone in the 2 classes had one of their own to use. We looked at the letter m and then went onto Zolar can Count in the Maths section. We were very careful when handling the iPads.
Next week we have 3 teachers visiting from Waimate Centennial School. They are very interested in our Play Based Learning.
We are finding out about the Seasons as part of our Planet earth and Beyond Inquiry.
This Camilia bush is evergreen. We found out the leaves do not change colour and fall off the tree.
This tree is a Golden Elm. We can see the leaves have turned yellow. Our question was do all the  leaves on every tree turn yellow?
Check out our next 2 pictures to find the answer
This tree is a Scarlet Ash. We can see 
red leaves on this tree.
We didn't realise
there were so many different trees
in our school grounds
The leaves on this ornamental elm are orange. The leaves on Autumn trees can be red, yellow, orange and brown.
We think the leaves are a sign of the Autumn season.We found out that Autumn is called Fall in America and we think that is a clever name for the season, as the leaves fall from the trees.

Week 2
Our class has grown! We now have 14 students and Room 1 is not expecting any other children this term. This means we will get routines established and Mrs Smith and I will be able to concentrate on helping your child get the very best start to their Primary School learning journey.
Zoey started the first week back and is enjoying Play Based Learning.
Last holidays I attended a course called the Davis Learning Strategies. I have been teaching the children 'release'. This is a breathing exercise and it fits well with our MIndfulness curriculum. Before we start any guided teaching teh children practice their release and gets them really concentrating on the lesson. I have noticed the positive efffects of this already.
We have begun training for the Cross Country races on June 1. It would be helpful to have a spare pair of sneakers in the school bag, as we have found the bottom field quite wet.
Thank you for ensuring your child is wearing the correct uniform. Please name all parts of the uniform as it can be time consuming to check garments if someone has misplaced theirs.
Next week we have school photos on Tuesday, Screen Free day on Wednesday, Strike Percussion on Thursday.
What a busy time we are having so we will be doing a lot of release!
dy) and then recording why they are particularly interested in that art work. The photo will be uploaded to Seesaw for parents to view.
I am pleased with the 'likes' I am getting on Seesaw but still looking for the great comments from parents to share with the children. You can share the QR code I gave you with other family members, especially grandparents!
Amy-Leigh, Heidi, Tiana and Sophia
are liking the new tray we can use
for the play dough.
Hunter and Amy-Leigh are playing a balancing game  of Noodle Bash, that Hunter saw at the School Fair.
Tiana is very proud of her certificate. Well done Tiana.
Mason received this book  at Junior Assembly for Caught Being Good.