to Room 9
Term 4   2017

Focus: Being an Upstander

Congratulations to Cruiz and Dom who won their respective cross-country races.

What happens in Room 9 each day.
Start of the day - milk, story, brain gym and mindfulness.

Mindfulness - after lunch

Additions to 10, 20 and 100
Subtraction to 10 and 20
Counting to 100 forward  
Place value to 100
Skip count in 2's, 5's and 10's to 100
Times Tables - 1 and 10

                -   underlining difficult words
                -   spacing out our words
                -   forming our letters correctly
                -   learning Set 1 spelling words
                -   elaborating our ideas - adding more detail

Making sure we include the 'big questions' in our recounts.
What, Where, Who, When, Why and How

Adding describing words when describing a scene.


Guided reading - 
- word families, initial sounds, basic key words, character discussions, retelling of the story or part of the story.

Physical Education 

Sportstart      Fitness SportStart


This consists of basic facts, spelling and reading. Please return the Homework book to school on Fridays.  Thank you.



Noah had a lot of fun interacting with his peers when building this car track.

Cruiz had fun learning how to keep his hands clean.


Term 4
Week 2
This week we have been looking at cyber safety. We have also had a lot of fun using the fun activities on Sunshine online. The children have enjoyed visiting the pool garden during the lunch hour. Our assembly winners for this week were Makai, Caleb R and Liam.
Caleb R, Ashton and Caleb T had a lot of fun playing pool.
Week 1
Welcome back to school. We are starting an exciting term. Swimming at C Bay, athletics and the opening of the new garden are all things to look forward to. Our assembly winners this week were Noah and Willow.
Metallica, Willow and Caleb are still enjoying looking for bugs.
Week 5
Assembly winners for the Junior Assembly were Makai and Layken. As part of our fitness programme Room 9 have enjoyed playing Farmer, Farmer. 
Ayla has a lot of fun making a house for outside creatures.
Week 4
This was a very busy week. Room 9 performed admirably during the performance of The Very Hungry Catepillar. We practised hard and the results shone through on the day. Congratulations Room 9!
Week 3
Maire the Police Education Officer came to Room 9 as part of our Keeping Ourselves Safe unit.
Caleb was able to try on her police vest.
Week 2
We have started looking at our Keeping Ourselves Safe unit. What to do when you are lost has been our focus. It was great to meet up with all the parents and caregivers who attended the interviews during the week. Congratulations to Caleb and Noah for being awarded certificates at assembly this week.
Ashton and Caleb had fun building with the ice-cream sticks.
Term 3 Week  1
Welcome back to Term 3. Congratulations to Riley, Willow and Aroha for winning awards at assembly. 
Term 2   Week 1
Welcome back to Term 2. We have had a busy week. In maths we have been focussing on reflections (Geometry). The class made some cool ice-cream stick reflections. Congratulations to Noah and Makai for winning certificates at Junior Assembly.
Week 3
Room 9 have had a lot of fun investigating our Space unit. We have completed a title page and created a solar system. We are currently practising for the cross country.
Ha Neul makes a great start to her Space title page.
Week 4
Assembly winners for this week were Layken and Ha Neul. Two visitors came to school and educated Room 9 on safe sneezing, coughing and hand washing. We are very busy training for the cross country.
Cruiz had fun learning about safe hand washing.
Week 5
Room 9 competed well in our school cross country. They all had a great time running through the botanic gardens in front of our parents and caregivers. This week's assembly winners were Hayley and Cruiz. 
Cruiz and Dom were winners at the Timaru South School Cross Country.
Week 6
Hayley and Sophie were our two assembly award winners this week. Room 9 were lucky enough to combine with Rooms 1, 4, and 8 to do Discovery on Friday. Room 9 are continuing to focus on learning their initial sounds which will assist them with their reading and writing.
Liam had a lot of fun at Discovery on Friday.
Week 7
Caleb R brought along some really interesting news. He has started to grow some bean seeds in a box of soil. We appreciate your efforts Caleb when you have your news day. Caleb was awarded a certificate for his news. 
Week 8
Room 9 have been learning about the Maori colours and Matariki. We have also been getting ready to present our speeches. 
Assembly award winners for this week were Cruiz and Makai.
Metallica and Willow had a lot of fun at Kiwican this week.
  Graham has had a lot of fun in Room 9 this week. 
Term 1 Week 1
Room 9 have had an amazing week. They have enjoyed learning about all the cool games that Room 9 plays. Fly Swat Maths has been a particular favourite. Heads Down Thumbs Up has also been a favourite. Fantastic Mr Fox has been our story this week and we will finish it next week. 
Week 2
This week we created some wonderful art using the art aspect of Space. Room 9 students had to cut out coloured paper to create a 'Sunny Day' scene. Why not come and have a look at what your child has done. Whole school assembly winners this week were, Dom and Metallica.
   Liam produced an excellent 'Sunny Day' picture.
Week 3 
Assembly winners for this week were Metallica, Cruiz, Sophie, Graham and Makai. Congratulations to these students. Room 9 students have been learning about the art element 'Line'. We are learning about diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines.
Noah enjoys interacting with the other Room 9 students when we have building time.
Week 4
Room 9 have been having a wonderful time on a Tuesday doing discovery. The children have been working well with each other and with the Room 8 students. Assembly award winners this week were Hayley and Caleb T. We have been doing some work on the famous artist Henri Matisse.
Caleb T, Liam and Caleb R brought some cool items along to school to share during their news time.
Week 5
We all had a great time at the tabloid sports. The events were really cool and every student had a wonderful time. We are spending time learning to form our numbers and letters correctly. Assembly winners for this week were Ha Neul, Dom,  Graham, and Sophie.
Dom had a wonderful time at the Junior Tabloid Sports Day.
Week 6
What a busy week! It was great to meet  the parents and caregivers at the interviews. Room 9 spent a lot of time creating a still life piece of art that was inspired by the famous French artist Paul Cezanne. They look fantastic and the children did so well to present them at assembly. This week's assembly winners were Noah and Ashton.
Noah progresses toward completing his Paul Cezanne inspired piece of art.
Week 7
Room 9 have had another busy week. We have been learning about the concept of Reversibility in Maths. Caleb T was awarded with a Duffy book at the Junior Assembly. Congratulations Caleb.
Ayla purchased this cool pink mouse at the Timaru South School Fair.
Week 8
Room 9 have had a lot of fun this week playing Word Pool (sinking the marble and then saying the word) and cards (drawing out two words and adding them up by counting on from the largest number). We have also been enjoying playing Domes and Dishes during our fitness time. This week's assembly winners were Aroha and Charlotte.
Sophie, Charlotte and Dom enjoy playing Word Pool.
Week 10
Room 9 had a fabulous time visiting the art exhibition during the week. The art from across the school was of a very high quality.
The children had a lot of fun creating their Paul Cezanne and Ralph Hotere artworks. Well done Room 9.
Aroha achieved an excellence award with her Ralph Hotere creation.
Week 11
Room 9 have had a busy week completing any work that was unfinished. The students have enjoyed their visits to Kiwican where they have participated in a range of educational team building activities.
Dom, his sister and his Mum enjoyed bringing their rabbit EB into Room 9 to share for news.

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