to Room 9
Term 1   2018

Focus: Science Physical World  - Sound

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to Room 9 for those students and parents who were part of the 2017 class. It will be great to meet Room 9's new students and parents. 

What happens in Room 9 each day.
Start of the day - milk, story, brain gym and mindfulness.

Mindfulness - after lunch

Additions to 10, 20 and 100
Subtraction to 10 and 20
Counting to 100 forward  
Place value to 100
Skip count in 2's, 5's and 10's to 100
Times Tables - 1 and 10

                -   underlining difficult words
                -   spacing out our words
                -   forming our letters correctly
                -   learning Set 1 spelling words
                -   elaborating our ideas - adding more detail

Making sure we include the 'big questions' in our recounts.
What, Where, Who, When, Why and How

Adding describing words when describing a scene.


Guided reading - 
- word families, initial sounds, basic key words, character discussions, retelling of the story or part of the story.

Physical Education 

Sportstart      Fitness SportStart


This consists of basic facts, spelling and reading. Please return the Homework book to school on Fridays.  Thank you.





Week 6
Assembly winners for this week were Layken and Hayley. We have had a lot of fun playing Catch the Number and Catch the Word. I have been impressed with the improvement in Room 9's writing. It was great to meet all the parents who came to the interviews.
Amy-Leigh loves to silent read.
Week 5
Assembly winners this week were Ashton and Dylan. The class have enjoyed doing Play Based Learning with Room 8. We have again been working on our rotation creations. Most of the class now have a better understanding of rotations.
Hunter, Noah and Elijah enjoy silent reading.
Week 3
The class have started on their Geometry focus of Translation and Rotation. We have done some work on Rotation where we have attempted to create some rotations out of classroom equipment. Assembly winners this week were Dylan, Ashton and Noah.
Graham had a lot of fun creating this creative rotation.
Week 2
Assembly winners for this week were Awa and Graham. The class have been continuing to learn about new games and activities. Next week a notice about 'News' will be glued into the front of the Homework book. News will start in Week 4.
George had a lot of fun during our Play Based Learning time.
Term 1  Week 1
Room 9 have had an amazing week. The students have had a go at quite a few of the cool Room 9 games and learning activities. The class is settling well into our routines. One of the highlights for this week has been recording our Weekly Reflections on Seesaw. 
   Chloe, Kaleb and Dylan had a great time playing pool in Room 9.

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