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Term 1 Week 7 
Can't believe it is the end of week 7 already! Time flies when you are having fun. This week has been all about getting stuck into our explanations, inquiry and our multiplication. 
We have moved on from our argument writing and this week we have been focusing on writing explanations. We have done activities in explaining why earth needs the sun and even had a go at turning a myth into an explanation. In reading we have been reading articles on explanations and discussing our new knowledge our articles bring to us. 
On Monday we were very brave getting our boostix and HPV vaccinations. Left some of us with very sore arms for the rest of the day! 
Spanish, we been focusing on colours and the weather. We completed activities making chatterboxes to help us remember the weather and creating pictures showing the weather as well as some colour by numbers Spanish activities. We have all progressed well in Spanish and picking up more and more as we go. 
We have made lots of progress in our Inquiry this week. We have big plans in discovering new ideas in seeing colour and creating experiments, tests and models to help display our learning. 
We are fortunate to have Deb from KiwiSport take our class on Fridays for netball skills. We had a lot of fun today practising our new skills and learning new games. 
On Monday, the council members of our class set up an Iron-person competition at lunchtime. This involved a very tricky obstacle course that students competed in. It was a lot of fun to watch. On Wednesday at lunch, they organised a scooter competition for the whole school. The whole school crowded and watched those from year one to year 8 show off their scooter tricks. Fantastic to see the leaders of Room 11 bring the school together in organised events for us to look forward to competing in and watching. 
I had a fantastic time going to the technology block on Tuesday afternoon and seeing the progress made in wood-work, bio tech, metal work and coding. Lots of great stools being made, games created and lots of learning happening. 
Kiwican was fantastic as always. This afternoon the lovely Gemma and Shardous provided hands on activities to teach us the importance of graffiti and why it is so important to only engage in graffiti when you have permission and it is controlled. We then went out and made our own controlled graffiti in squares and raced to fill in our group square against the other teams. We then raced to clean up the graffiti that the other teams had made. 
Another fantastic week, and we look forward to next week. 
From left, Alex at Bio-tech, Troy and Jack in the graffiti challenge, Jacob and Kallim clearing out the last graffiti in the challenge. 
Term 1 Week 6 
Big week in Room 11! This week we had parent teacher interviews. It has been great to share so many positives with parents and have conversations with both parents and students setting goals and looking into the future. 
We have come along way in our maths. It is exciting to see so many of us in Room 11 are excited about our learning and seeing progress! We have continued with our debates in reading and writing. This week we looked at houses on Trademe. We discussed the language they used to sell the houses. We had a go at selling our own house, Spongebobs pineapple house. We had a great time sharing what we wrote. 
In mindfulness we looked at being Optimistic and what this meant. We discussed common problems and stresses and thought about, what is a pessimistic attitude, unrealistic attitude and optimistic attitude. 
Deb, from KiwiSport took our class for 45 minutes today and we did Netball skills. Even though not all of us are interested in playing Netball this year it was great to see everyone give it a go and enjoy the activities and games. 
In our Maori lesson this week, we looked at the myth of Maui and the big fish. This is the story of how New Zealand was created. We learnt that the North island is a big stingray and the South Island is the waka of Maui and his brothers. Some of our Southern Alps mountains is Maui and his brothers as they were frozen into rock. Mt Cook Aoraki is Maui, the tallest of them all. 
 Term 1 Week 5 
It has been a busy week for us in Room11. We have moved on from writing myths and are now writing arguments. We started by looking at persuasive arguments. We wrote wonderful advertisements selling an old skipping rope for $10. We are also reading arguments in our guided reading time, for this we have been sharing opinions on debates from de-extinction of Moa, hunting deer and saving far-from-home penguins. 
For our seeing colour inquiry, we did our own colour blindness tests. We are pleased to say nobody in Room 11 is colourblind. 
Yesterday we learnt a new game, compliment tag. This is where we have 2 taggers. If you get tagged you must freeze. Someone can unfreeze you by giving you a compliment. The person that unfreezes must say thanks and give them a high-five. 
We have been practicing and practicing our Spanish songs, both Jaymee and Arahia have gone home and learnt the songs off by heart. Hopefully the rest of us will know the words before assembly. Today we even tried out some Spanish dancing. 
On Monday night, both the girls and boys basketball started up. Both teams won their games. It was great to go and see their skills. Our sports teams are looking very promising, maybe some future professional athletes amongst us. 
Our six council members in our class had their leadership day with Mr Hogan today. They came back this afternoon very bright faced and excited to share their stories of 14km bike riding, rope courses, omelettes and ripped pants. 
From left, our colourblind test, playing compliment tag with our Room 8 buddies and learning a new Spanish dance. 
Term 1 Week 4 
This week has been lots of rain and lots of tests! But yet, still a great week in Room 11. We have been looking at myths this week in Te Reo and also reading of myths in our guided reading. From this we have brainstormed ideas for our own myths which we have started to write this week. Our myths range from why we grow hair on our toes to stories of magical creatures  and the power of kindness. 
We have been focusing this week on Kindness. Each student pulled a name from a jar, selecting their secret kindness buddy. It is great to hear about all the acts of kindness classmates are secretly doing for their peers. We also made compliment posters. For this students, drew a picture of themselves in the centre of a piece of paper and wrote 3 things they like about themselves around the picture. These were then passed around the class and students added one compliment to each poster. 
On Thursday afternoon, six students from Room 11 performed as part of the Pacifika club to visitors. It was great to watch and see all of their hard work and commitment pay off in their 3 songs they performed. 
In spanish, we have learnt two new songs. Perhaps with lots of practice, we could perform one of the songs at assembly next term. 
Term 1 Week 3 
We have had our first full week at school, and wow what a busy week it has been! Our maths groups and reading groups are well under way. With all these changes it is great to see Room 11 still maintain their enthusiasm for Spanish! Dominic still in 1st place but with a whooping 1289XP Yeji not far behind on 1280 XP with Elsa in third on 1051. In class we learnt a Spanish song and have also completed a survey all in Spanish. 
In Te Reo, we are looking at Maori legends. We watched a video on the creation, we used what we learnt to make comic strips.
We had our first lesson on Inquiry this week too. We are focusing on "Seeing colour". We shared ideas and questions, thinking about colour blindness and wondering if there are many colours we cannot see, we are curious to find out if babies see the same colour as adults. 
This week in mindfulness we are looking at mindful listening. we listened to several different sounds and tried to focus our attention in guessing that the sound was, and what we noticed. This lead to a good discussion in the careers that require fantastic listening skills. 
For writing, we are beginning to sequence ideas and write procedures. In class we looked at 'minute to win it' games and now we are designing our own. 
On Wednesday morning we enjoyed our time with Miss Cournane. We are excited for our refugee novel unit and are already fascinated in the story. 
As always, we enjoyed our time with Room 8, buddy reading out on the grass, making the most of the sunny weather. Our Kiwican lesson with Shardous and Gemma was fantastic this afternoon. We competed in a three-legged race which Kaluseti and Jacob won, and Kaluseti and Kosini were crowned our new king and queen. 
Next week, we are excited for the triathlon on Tuesday! Fingers crossed the weather stays warm! 
Term 1 Week 2 
We are fortunate to have so many school leaders in Room 11 taking on leadership Roles. This week in Room 11 we have been preparing speeches for Student Council and House leader. This week 6 students from Room 11 were selected for council and 8 students selected as house leaders! We also had numerous students selected for Librarian. It is great to see so many Upstander role models in the classroom. 
On Monday, we looked at the Treaty of Waitangi. We shared ideas on what we already knew and what we wanted to find out. We looked at the perspectives of those at Waitangi. This was a great task in analysing what actually happened and the effect it had on New Zealand. 
We have started our first Spanish Lessons. All students were given a username and password to the Duolingo website. By completing tasks we can see our progress in Spanish. Each task we collect 10 XP. Displayed in the classroom is a leaderboard. It is great to see so many students using Duolingo at home to practice. Currently we have Dominic in 1st with 360XP Kaluseti in 2nd with 290XP then Elsa and Tara in 3rd equal with 270XP.
Today, was our first day with our buddy class Room 8. We were matched with our younger buddies and completed a task with them. In this activity we got to know our buddies and what they liked to do. We look forward to meeting with Room 8 again.
From left, Skyla's mindfulness poem, Blake's Spanish chatterbox, Jacob and Seth with their buddy Anderson.
Next week, we look forward to welcoming Miss Cournane to Room 11 and having our maths, reading and writing rotations up and running in full swing! 
Term 1 Week 1 
Room 11 has had a fantastic start to the year. Our week has been planned with lots of wonderful, hands- on activities. Already we are beginning to fill the walls with our creations. Our 'All About Me' Owls and our 'All our about me' maths look fantastic up on the walls. 
This week we have really focused on getting ourselves ready for school and setting our classroom up for success. This has meant setting new goals for ourselves in all subject areas as well as our own personal goals. 

I have enjoyed getting to know the students this week, and look forward to the year ahead.