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Term 3 Weeks 7 & 8
Over the next few weeks we will completing our inquiry projects researching about endangered species. Some of the more interesting research sibjects are: Hawksbill Turtle, Galapagus Penguin, Pika, Marine Iguana, Artic Wolf and the Tamarin.
Term 3 Weeks 5 & 6
This week we held our school science fair, this was the cumination of weeks of hard work and experimentation. Philip Howe from the SC museum was our judge. Tara, Mia and Amelia took out the top prize for their investigation into how much iron there is in our breakfast cereal. Emily was second with her experiment about how our tech devices can impact on our ability to concentrate. In third place was Bonny, Lilly & Taneisha who looked at how foundation make up can cause brakouts on your face. 
Term 3 Weeks 3 & 4
In science we have been learning about classifying animal species. There are 5 main categories of vertebrate animals are: birds, mammals, fish, repitiles & amphibians.
For maths we have been solving equations that contain negative numbers.
We are continuing with our science fair investigations.
Also over next couple of weeks we are participating in the Maga High Australasian Maths Challenge. This competition requires us to solve problems online to score points, with real medals being given to the highest points scorers. At the moment Alex Kim, Liam & Makayla are our highest scorers.
Term 3 Weeks 1 & 2
We are focusing on Keeping Ourselves Safe at the start of the term: This topic teaches us how to deal with potentially dangerous situations and ensure ourselves, family & friends stay safe.
We are all underway with our science fair investigations. Some topics are: Flammable materials, does temperature affect a magnets strength, how do devices distract us from our learning and the construction of a solar powered oven. 
In maths we are learning to use the order of operations, 2+5x3=??. We have also just completed the 4th of 5 Otago Problem Challenges.
Term 2 Week 10
Over the past few week we have completed a number of activities. At the school cross country Xavier was the top boy finishing second.
At the speech competition Makayla was first equal with Willow. 
Rutherford won the House Points
Term 2 Week 6
We have had a small change in our maths classes and we will be learning about measurement for the rest of the term.
We have also been studying the Maori new year: Matatriki and the importance of this constellation of stars for both past and presnt Maori.
On Friday we had our first arts interchange, which was awesome. We had lots of extra adults whom came to take groups so the numbers were very small. Some of the options were: Pasifika,  Cartooning, Computer Coding, Drama, Guitar, Oamaru Stone Carving, Digital Art, Jazz Dance, Printmaking & Kapa Haka.
Term 2 Week 5
This week we had our first session with the Year 12 PE class from Girls High. They are coavhing us in a variety PE activities including: Rippa Rugby, Basketball, Dance & Netball.
This was Samoan Language week so Mr Hunter with a lot of help from Shaquana taught us some greetings and counting, it was very similar to Maori language.
Friday was our cross country at the Botanic gardens. The weather was good and Mr Hunter seemed quite pleased with our efforts. Shanya ran really well to win the girls Yr 7/8 race and Xavier finsihed second in the boys event.
Term 2 Week 4
This week in science we have been studying the relationship between the Earth, Sun & Moon and how they orbit each other and what allows this to occur. We also wondered why we have seasons and we discovered this was due to our orbit around the sun and the tilt of the earths axis.
Aspart of our cross country training we completed the beep test.
Term 2 Week 3
What a week, screen free on Wednesday was tough for some of us, but some also found refreshing to not be constantly glued to our devices. 
On Thursday we completed our persuade writing tests and we working hard on researching our speeches. Some interesting speech topics include: The Halocaust, Space Time Continium, Poverty, Bigfoot, What Makes NZ Special, The Titanic, amongst others. 
Term 2 Week 2
After last weeks trip to the beach were had brought but lots of rocks, our job was to use the Internet and the rock samples from school to try to identify our rocks. It was harder than you would think, most of the rocks we found were conglomerate rocks; this mean that they are 2 or more types of rocks that through pressure have joined togther over time. You can often recognise these rocks as they have a white line through the middle of them.
This week we completed the Beep Test as part of our cross country training. Shanya was the best girl and Xavier the top boy.
On Thursday we welcomed Whaea Cathy back, she helped us with the pronunciation of some new words in our updated Mihi.
Term 2 Week One
Welcome back to Term 2. This term in maths we will be focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages. Our main topic will be Science looking at planet earth and space. 
The highlight of the first week back was visiting Harold in the Life Education Van. Rudi our teacher taught us about healthy living and how to cope with stress.
On Friday we visited Patiti Point to look at the erosion that is happening to the land by the sea. The recent storms maent the seas have been very high and have smashed the clay cliffs.
Week 8
Monday afternoon was full on we cleaned up after the fair, lots of clothes, books and other items that we needed to get rid of. 
We did a new type of mindfulness meditation where you actually watch the video as you relax it was fun. 
This week for art we have continued with our Andy Warhol prints and have also been copying some Aboriginal art by Albert Namatjira.
On Tuesday we welcomed 4 students from Thailand into our class until the the end of the term. Welcome to Mint, Aoo, Esci and Bank.
Term 1 Week 7
Week 7 was the start of our geometry focus. We have been learning about 2 & 3 D shapes. We had to identify things like parallel and congruent lines, various angle sizes and if shapes were symetrical. 
We have also been completing our arts inquiries. Some interesting investigations include: The Mysteries of The Last Supper, How Van Goghs moods are reflected in his art, Interpreting Eqyptian art and Who is Banksy?
Term 1 Week 6
This week in maths with have been focusing on identifying lowest common multiples and greatest common factors of various numbers.
In art we tried to replicate Andy Warhol prints with varying degrees of success. Fortunately our Van Gogh sail boat art turned out much better. 
On Thursday Mr Sparrow and some of our ex students: Taylor, Cam and Joseph now at TBHS visited and talked to the Year 7/8 boys about their options for high school. 
The School Fair is on Sunday March 19th 11am-2pm and we are getting prepared for this.
Term 1 Week 5
One of the highlights this week was participating in the Census In Schools. This survey is being completed by 30,000 students aged 10-18 across NZ. It is also completed internationally be students from countries such as Japan, Britain, South Africa, Korea, USA, Australia and many more. The survey required us to answer 35 questions ranging from our age to how heavy our school bags are. We were also asked numerous questions about screentime and social media. There were also a number of questions about school lunches and how e despose of our rubbish. Statistics NZ will now use the data from all the students to plan for the future.
Term 1 Week 4
Throughout the Mr Hunter has been making us do lots of tests like PATs and the STAR reading test.
On Tuesday we held our school triathlon at TBHS the individual races were really hard. Some of our best performers were Harlend secomd Year 7/8 boys and Shanya 3rd Year 7/8 girls. In the teams events Maddy, Emily and Makayla won the girls race and Harlend, Xavier and Kallim won the boys race.
We have also been using mindfulness meditation to help us relax.
Term 1 Week 3
This week we started our maths interchange with Room 12,  from Mon-Thurs between 9:50-10:40am students from each class swap to go to their appropriate maths level. We are finishing off fatheads art work, we will put photos of them on our seesaw pages when they are finished.
Term One Week 2
This week we had our first lessons at TTEC. We began wok on our fatheads art projects. House Leader and Student Council Elections were held as well as Mrs White selecting the school librarians. Many students from Room 11 were given extra responsibilities. In class we completed an activity where we had to try and match famous artists with examples of their art. A number of the boys were able to get then all correct.
Term One Week One 2017 
Welcome back to all our Room 11 students from last year, also those students who have joined us from Room 12 and our new students Jesse and Shanya. 
This week we have completed a number of tasks designed to allow the students to get to know each other better and build positive relationships.
On Thursday we completed a scavenger hunt around the school we found out some interesting facts:
1. There are 73 windows in the library.
2. The school was established in 1881 making it the oldest Primary School in Timaru.
3. Mrs White is the longest serving member of the staff.
4. There are over 15 different types of fruits and vegtables in the school gardens.