Room 11 - 2019

Mālō e lelei, Talofa lava, Bula Vinaka, Kia Ora and welcome!
Room 11 is made of 30 fantastic Year 7 & 8 students. The wonderful teachers in Room 11 are Miss Dunbar & Mr Smith. We have some exciting things planned for this year, watch this space!

Term 3

We have had an awesome Term 3 in Room 11. We have had many celebrations & performances like Tongan Language Week, FLAVA Festival and performing at Kindergartens.  

We had a beautiful day for our annual Ski/Skate Trip to Tekapo. Everybody really enjoyed their day and there was a lot of resilience, determination and muscles used! (Especially by Miss Dunbar at skiing as she was a novice!).  

In Week 9 we had two outstanding EOTC days with the ARA Outdoor ED students. On the Wednesday we welcomed Mr Hogan back to take orienteering and we did kayaking! This was heaps of fun! On the Thursday we journeyed to Peel Forest where we went for a hike, lit fires and learned about the bush environment. 

This term we have been focusing on Digital Technology and we have become very familiar with coding using Scratch as well as learning digital vocabulary and processes. This is something we will carry on with in Term 4.

Our novel this term has been Holes by Louis Sacher and we have really enjoyed this novel. There is some great lessons and messages in this novel. We really enjoyed noticing the comparisons and contrasts with the film version. 

Term 2

Week 3

On Tuesday we were looking flash for School Photos - parents order forms will be out soon. Oscar made a star appearance in the Room 11 Class Photo. We have been enjoying using Prodigy and Epic! on our Chromebooks. On Thursday we visited the All Creatures Big & Small  exhibition at the South Canterbury Museum as part of our art unit. We were able to touch the skin of a snake. We then had to choose an animal to do a scientific drawing of. We had a great trip! To finish the week Timaru South School hosted Pasifika Day. 120 students from around South Canterbury attended this wonderful day. Here is a great photo of our Pasifika Group in action!

Week 2

We've had a wonderful Week 2 in Room 11. This week we did some excellent writing! We wrote from Oscar's perspective about what it was like coming to visit the classroom. As part of this term's topic we began looking at the elements of Art and what they look like in artworks. For Buddy Time this week we played a great game of teeball. We're really excited because Oscar will now be coming to school every day with Miss Dunbar. It is our responsibility to help walk and train him. Welcome to Room 11 Oscar!

Week 1

Welcome back to another term! We've had a great first week in Room 11. This week we introduced Chromebooks to the classroom. We have been working through our Google Drivers License to upskill ourselves. We are really enjoying working on the Chromebooks. On Thursday and Friday we had Life Education. Our focus for this year was looking at Resilience, managing stress and acknowledging the strengths of others. For buddy time on Friday we worked on sketching Oscar, Miss Dunbar's dog.

Term 1

Week 8

On Monday we had Mrs J-May, we did some great black and white art with her. This week for writing we have been looking at poetry and finding words with great sounds. We are part of the Get NZ Writing programme and we are writing our poems onto postcards and exchanging them with another classroom in NZ. On Friday we played "Evolution" with our buddies, check out this great pic! To finish of the week we held a school mufti day and sausage sizzle to raise funds for the victims of Chch, we raised over $700.  

Week 7

This week we welcomed Mr Darren Smith to our classroom. Mr Smith will be teaching in our class on Tuesday mornings and on Thursdays. We had three great sessions of Digital Ignition this week! We learned about what a device was, what debugging is and we even coded MBots to move around a maze we created! Miss Dunbar was impressed with our problem solving and discussion and she hopes Mr Hogan will invest in some MBots of our own! As part of our identity unit this week we have been writing our very own "I Am" poems, we can't wait to publish these on the computer. On Friday we watched the film Inside Out and we discussed the Zones of Self Regulation, we will be doing more on this in the coming weeks!

Week 6

We've have had a busy week in Room 11 this week. This week we had 3-Way Interviews on Tuesday & Wednesday, thank you to those families that could make it. On Thursday we begun looking at our identity unit and we really enjoyed watching students from AUT performing with Hugh Jackman, these students have a real strong sense of who they are. On Friday we had a Spelling Levels Test. This Sunday is our School Fair, we spent Friday afternoon making and decorating these lolly butterflies to sell as well as decorated monster pencils.

Week 5

It was great having Miss Dunbar back this week after she'd been unwell for a couple of weeks! This week we have been doing lots of assessments like PATs and STAR. Check out the art we have been working on above! Miss Dunbar took photos of us and printed them in black and white, we then used pastels to colour in features or things we wanted to highlight, we then cut out our photo and stuck it on a plain piece of paper where we then worked on the background. These look great on the wall in Room 11! We've also spent a lot of time this week talking about goals and setting our own for the term.

Week 2

This week we have continued learning about Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Chinese New Year. We showed our learning on our video at assembly. We loved doing a Kahoot! quiz on general knowledge of Aotearoa. This week our whakatauki came from Fiji: Dui sevaga na bua ka tea, it means you reap what you sow. We talked about how this means hard work pays off. Check out our news video below!

Week 1

Welcome back everyone! We have had a fantastic first week in Room 11 this week. We have set really high and clear expectations for the year as a class and these our displayed on our Class Treaty. This week we have enjoyed learning about Te Tiriti o Waitangi, we have leaned a lot about how the Treaty came about and who and what was involved. We have really enjoyed learning and playing the game Miki Rapu, we even taught Room 10 our new game. During the week we have been getting to know each other and our teachers, we loved doing a Kahoot! about our teachers on Friday.